Why T3 Rocked Last Night?

Some folks are calling last night’s T3 as one of the best ever and do you want to know why I agree? Mainly because Olson shut his trap for the majority of the two hour session. Yeah I did my little 20 minute chit chat but the rest of the evening belonged to Justin, Darren Olander, William Brant and the other VERY active members of the community. Just the way it should be!

What was taught last night? The big message I got was hearing that list building and making money online DOESN’T happen overnight. Even guys like Darren (who started online in 2002) and William (who started around the same time) took years of struggle and heart ache to finally get that ‘ah ha’ moment in their online business.

It kind of shocked people to see that even these guys struggled to get it going and it took years, not a few months of ‘surfing’, to get their businesses on the right path.

There’s a message I’ve really taken to heart these past few weeks and that is that the real wealth in online business is the process, not the end goal. Meaning, you will learn so much WHILE you build your business that one day, you will sit back and realize that you are making a full time income. As crazy as it sounds, it happens and these guys are living proof of it.

The other topic last night was how to get that elusive ‘full time income’. In a world and industry filled with ‘hype’, new launches and over blown promises, the sure fire way for new marketers and experienced ones is to make money through residual ‘ever green’ products and services…

Huh? Ever green what?

Things like Traffic Wave, Ad Kreator, TE Toolbox, a marketing hub, hosting services…

The products and services that people MUST use each and every day in their online business. These are recurring subscriptions that PAY affiliates, so when you refer someone to one of these programs, you can almost guarantee commissions for the long term.

It’s a much more solid business model than relying on the hype and hoopla of new product launches.

T3 was great! I learned lots, I appreciated everyone coming out to the event and I cannot wait for next week’s session…Should be a lot of fun! Let’s see what else we can learn this week…

Random Thoughts & T.E. Care 3.0

This will be an odd blog post…

I wanted to talk about a few things as well as let you guys know that we have started up our brand new ‘Traffic Exchanges Care’ campaign. But first, something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks now. Special thanks to Robert Maturo for the idea…

We call this ‘T.E. Live Slang’…If you ever wanted to know the inside language of the Traffic Exchange Live community, here it is;

Dume – (Do-Me) Created to honor all the wonderful drive by ‘spammers’ and naughty people that have graced our presence in T.E. Live. History tells of a young Dume who came into T.E. Live and said we are all ‘dume’, instead of ‘dumb’. Thus, this young’n helped develop a term that has described most of ‘Einsteins’ in our business.

Ooosa – (Oooh-Saa) Anyone remember the movie ‘Anger Management’? The lovely term describes yours truly when he gets ranting. I need to calm down, so I ‘Ooooosa’ and I feel better.

Pony Surf – The code name for Sweeva.

Pony List – The code name for TimTech’s world domination plans LOL

Son of a Pitch – Coined by Craig Ignatowitz. On so many levels, this is THE GREATEST term I’ve ever heard. Describes that spew that comes out of most internet marketers mouths. Here’s a concept, get to know me before you pitch me the latest greatest!

That’s a few of our more memorable terms. We come up with these things from time to time and the best part…We don’t come up with them, the T.E. Live community does. 104 people came to T3 last night! More proof that the people have spoken and MEMBERS like to get to know other members! THANK YOU all for your support!


Carl Bailey is the man!

He sent me a note on Skype today and said essentially, ‘Hey my instant splash charity donations are building up, let’s get T.E. Care 3.0 up and running’….So….

For the next 91 days we are looking to CRUSH our last months donations of $2,071.20. Be sure to check out either Carl’s amazing Instant Splash Charity page or directly to T.E. Care. Both sites donate to the same campaign and in the words of Carl Bailey….T.E. People Rock!

Enjoy the fun filled world of traffic exchanges and have a fantastic day!