Introducing The Sub Adventure Game

We like to have fun at TimTech! Since day one, it was very important to our game plan to add ‘fun’ into every thing we do in our web sites and programs. Click Track Profit really shook up the way people learn how to use the traffic exchanges but when we added badges, boy oh boy…We started something big!

Gamification was here and after the badges, the next big thing for our game plan was to add some TimTech ‘fun’ to the way people did surf promos…We introduced the Vault N’ Keys!

To say the Vault N’ Keys were a success is an understatement. Ask any traffic exchange owner who has added the Vault to their program and they will tell you it means an increase in new members, surfing numbers and yes, even income. The surfers? Absolutely loved it! So we decided to keep the game moving forward….

The Submarine Game is our newest addition to gamify the industry and it works like Vault N Keys but adds a ‘Minesweeper game’ to it…

* Simply surf 35 pages at the 4 partner traffic exchanges and claim a ‘Mine Badge’ at each program.

* Unlock the Sub Game and then you get to unlock game pieces.

* Each unlock you get, wins you a penny. You keep unlocking pennies until you find the bomb. After that, the game is over.

* You can win one cent or up to a dollar every time you play and wow, it’s addicting!

Here’s the best part for savvy traffic exchange owners, you can partner with 3 other exchanges and create you own promo and leverage the power and activity of Click Track Profit. Heck, you don’t even need to do one with a TimTech exchange, it can be 3 other independent programs. But the potential for this can be huge especially when you consider how active CTP members are. We hope the owners love it and gives them a new aspect along with Vault N’ Keys to crush it with us 🙂

As for surfers…You guys WIN big time! Huge upcoming promos from us means you now can win even more cash just from surfing your favorite programs. It’s going to be an awesome winter season in the traffic exchange industry…

If you would like to purchase your own promo for the Sub Game you can do so right here. Or if you would like to see a schedule of our upcoming promos, you can check it out on Brenda’s official Sub Game blog!

My New Rant – It’s O.K. To Surf

I kinda chuckle at the rest of the ‘Internet Marketing’ world. It’s self-imploding, it’s losing it’s might but still, some traffic exchange ‘professionals’ are telling surfers they could be doing better things with their time instead of surfing. Surfing isn’t as effective as ‘drafting emails and writing ad copy’…Ha!

What is wrong with traffic exchange surfing?

Why has it always been looked at as ‘a bad thing’ to spend hours a day clicking?

I got a rant about it on video but I hope to hear what you think about the lack of pride that seems to happen in this business.

Thanks for watching the video, now let’s hear what you think!!!