The Biggest News In Quite Sometime…Sorry No Scandal Though…

As announced yesterday on Tim’s blog there has been a pretty big change in ownership at both TE Toolbox and Affiliate Funnel. Essentially, a swap took place where I ‘traded’ my share of Affiliate Funnel for KRM’s share of TE Toolbox…

No need to worry though, there is no scandal, no hatred, no ‘evil doings’ in play. This is simply a business decision to make sure our members, at both programs, get the best support and best experience from their membership.

Check out my video below…

Special note as well, we are having our T.E. Townhall meeting tonight at 7pm ET. Be sure to swing by and hang out. We will be talking about the ‘swap’ as well as other goodies and rumblings in our beloved traffic exchange industry.

Please do add your comments below and let me know what you would like to see from the new T.E. Toolbox

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Fantastic Weekend For The Traffic Exchange Industry…

Loads of fantastic news in the traffic exchange industry this past weekend. We had two huge milestones and a re-launch from one of the most downloaded ebooks in the history of our business. Let’s just say, these past few days have been very memorable.

First, huge congratulations goes out to my friend Guido Nussbaum and his amazing program Traffic Witch. It reached a huge milestone only 21 months after it was launched and I’m happy to say member number 50,000 has joined Traffic Witch! Something that this program does better than most traffic exchanges is pull people from outside of the industry into it. Be sure to take part in the 50,000 member celebrations going on now at Traffic Witch!

My little engine that could also hit a milestone as well, Sweeva reached 25,000 members this weekend. We are very excited about the first few months of Sweeva’s history and look forward to serving members for years to come. Social browsing has become very addictive and above all else, has been driven by results. The future is looking very bright!

And finally another friend of mine, Mike Paetzold re-released one of the most read ebooks in traffic exchange history Tracking Your Way To Profits. Mike’s report has been updated with new programs and even more great information about how to track your results properly and effectively. Be sure to grab your updated copy today!

Not a bad weekend at all so it’s been a great time to be involved with the traffic exchanges. What was your highlight of the weekend?

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