Stop Being A Traffic Exchange Victim

Note: This is a guest post by Andrew Stark. I cannot thank him enough for this amazing content. Please do leave your comments below and let Andrew know this is appreciated. Thanks man!!!

When you spent time surfing you get to notice several things, but the most concerning is that far too many people are still promoting rubbish and will sadly give up without harnessing the true potential that Traffic Exchanges are offering right now in 2012.

So what exactly is causing these people to give up? It’s the victim mentality that means that whatever goes wrong the blame is always with someone else. Here’s some examples of how to get rid of this chip from your shoulder and become a player in the industry.

Promoting The Wrong Type Of Site.


I buy 1000 TE credits and send them all to the “ACME overnight wealth” website and make no sales it’s blatantly obvious that it’s the TE owner’s fault I’ve not made any money and demand an immediate refund and tell anyone who will listen that Traffic Exchanges are a waste of money.


I actually look at adverts other people are promoting and keep seeing the same face advertising something called Click Track Profit. Turns out that perhaps I should be promoting myself and think to myself that I should write off my investment in “ACME overnight wealth” as a mistake.

What’s That Under The Bridge?


I’m fed up with Jon Olson and his TimTech gang telling me what to do. I mean where does he get off telling me what to promote and trying to help me. I mean I’ve got all of these affiliate links to promote what’s he going on about branding for, why would I want to put my picture online? Next time I see him in a forum I’m going to tell him exactly what I think…


It’s amazing how the owner of the traffic exchange was chatting to members in the live chat and sharing advice on how to achieve success with traffic exchanges. Who would have thought that creating a simple splash page where I tell others why I like a programme would do so much better than the standard affiliate page.

It’s Only Site Owners Who Make Money


When I log-in to a site why am I constantly being sold to? I’m not seeing any sales at “ACME overnight wealth” and yet these owners asking me for money. Then when I get inside the site all they do is tell me to join their mate’s site, and expect me to upgrade to give them a commission. This industry is corrupt I’m going to promote “ACME overnight wealth” somewhere else.


I’ve been surfing this site a lot, and it’s such a shame I turned down the One Time Offer when I first joined. It would be awesome to get more credits to help me with my branding and achieve my goal of getting recognized by all the other members as someone to do this +1 connection stuff I’ve seen others talk about at TE Live.

I’m Quitting


I’ve wasted a month of my life with traffic exchanges. Why did the guys at “ACME overnight wealth” tell me to use them? They must be part of that owner cartel, I’ll show them by joining “DUFF instant profits” and next month I’ll be a millionaire.


I’ve now got myself an internet business. Just think for the same monthly cost as “ACME overnight wealth” I’ve got my own splash pages and my brand is growing daily. I have also included several of the evergreen products I use in my marketing funnel and for the first time I’m earning residual income and love the fact I’ve made so many new friends.

So How Can I Become A Player?

Take a long hard look at yourself, and if you’re not getting the results you want then figure out why. Be brutally honest, get along to TE live and ask others to evaluate your pages. If the timings of TE Live doesn’t work for you then use the chat facility, and if none of the sites your surfing have active chat then you should join click track profit and become a nerd surfer.

About The Author: Andrew Stark is a list builder / blogger who loves using traffic exchanges and safelists to send traffic to his websites. Please add his Click Track Profit badge to your profile –