The New ThumbVu & How To Get Big Results

So we re-did ThumbVu this past week and completely changed the make up of the site. Yes, it’s still a traffic exchange but you know how TimTech does things, when we change things, we really like to shake it up!

So there has been some confusion on exactly what ThumbVu has become and what it did not become. First of all, this is NOT Sweeva version 2.

While Sweeva is meant to review each site in rotation, what ThumbVu is meant to be is a review site for the marketer. Yes, it’s social branding on a whole new level. Where the MARKETER is the focus not so much the web site. Sure the web sites get great exposure but I think Justin made a great point in this week’s T3 seminar where he said…

“If Jon told me about a great place to get an oil change, I would more than likely go to that spot instead of a random place simply because I know Jon, I trust his judgement and his recommendation…”

If you use ThumbVu like that, you will see some awesome results…Check out how Blain Jones used ThumbVu this week to sky rocket his reputation in the system and quickly became THE most talked about member in the system…Here’s a guy that now has lot of reputation and his recommendations can go a long way in the system…



Wow, talk about an instant impact!

Top rated, top brand and top knowledge…That is huge. Plus he got 57 reviews on his profile and basically was branded as ‘the dude’ in the site. This is a very cool technique and if you got a chance to see how he did it yesterday you should get some great ideas on how to use the new ThumbVu to sky rocket your reputation.

This is the first traffic exchange about the MEMBER first. Yes we are still exchanging traffic, but now with the focus on the member, we expect some very creative campaigns where the focal point of them will be who is promoting something, rather than what is being promoted.

‘All things being equal people buy from people they know and trust, all things not being equal they still buy from people they know and trust…” – Jeffrey Gitomer

So get out there, get people to know and trust you and experience the brand new ThumbVu. It’s not a commercial script, it’s not a template design…It’s completely unique and hopefully the traffic exchange industry embraces new and unique ideas!


We Need To Change The Mindset In Traffic Exchanges

I wrote this down on my whiteboard earlier this week because I think this is a topic that doesn’t get talked about enough and really is damaging to this industry. And I tried to type this out, but failed miserably so hey, why not do a video….

What do you think about this topic? Do you think the ‘Small vs. Big’ labels we place on each other is damaging? Is it as simple as replacing the words ‘small and big’ with ‘growing’? Please share your comments below and let’s have a great discussion!

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