Fantastic Weekend For The Traffic Exchange Industry…

Loads of fantastic news in the traffic exchange industry this past weekend. We had two huge milestones and a re-launch from one of the most downloaded ebooks in the history of our business. Let’s just say, these past few days have been very memorable.

First, huge congratulations goes out to my friend Guido Nussbaum and his amazing program Traffic Witch. It reached a huge milestone only 21 months after it was launched and I’m happy to say member number 50,000 has joined Traffic Witch! Something that this program does better than most traffic exchanges is pull people from outside of the industry into it. Be sure to take part in the 50,000 member celebrations going on now at Traffic Witch!

My little engine that could also hit a milestone as well, Sweeva reached 25,000 members this weekend. We are very excited about the first few months of Sweeva’s history and look forward to serving members for years to come. Social browsing has become very addictive and above all else, has been driven by results. The future is looking very bright!

And finally another friend of mine, Mike Paetzold re-released one of the most read ebooks in traffic exchange history Tracking Your Way To Profits. Mike’s report has been updated with new programs and even more great information about how to track your results properly and effectively. Be sure to grab your updated copy today!

Not a bad weekend at all so it’s been a great time to be involved with the traffic exchanges. What was your highlight of the weekend?

Your A to Z Guide To ‘Olson-Isms’

I’m all over the place with my business sometimes. I mean I’m pretty focused on certain things, like traffic exchanges, list building, personal branding and social networking. But I have thrown a ton of information out there over the years and something I LOVE to do is come up with cool like acronyms for the stuff I believe in and practice.

Here’s my ‘dictionary’ of what I like to call Olson-isms…Enjoy =)

A.C.A. – Attention. Curiosity. Action. All splash and squeeze pages should follow this formula. Grab ‘attention’ by using something unique. Whether it be a video, a funny headline, a shocking image to get the view to stop surfing. Create ‘curiosity’. Pull them in with a claim, a shocking revelation. Get them to want to know more. And finally have a strong call to ‘action’. Finish the message of your splash or squeeze page telling the viewer what you want them to do. Fill out the form for more information. Click to bookmark, etc.

No More Than Four – This has changed over the years but the message behind it hasn’t. You want to treat other pages like you want yours to be treated. So try to limit the amount of sites you surf at once. I only surf about 3 or 4 at at time, but it’s really what works for you. However if people are loading up 15 traffic exchanges at the same time, how good do you think results will be?

Promote You First – It’s the theme behind Affiliate Funnel and company mission statement but it’s also something I stand behind and practice every day. Don’t promote the latest greatest program without YOU benefiting. Always promote your name and your list first, THEN promote any opportunity you want. If you practice list building and personal branding, ‘promoting yourself first’ comes naturally.

S.O.L.A.S.T. – Stick out like a sore thumb. Basically you want to promote like no one else. Be original. Be unique. Be engaging. The more you do things differently, the more effective your advertising will be.

T.E.B.A. – Traffic Exchange Brand Awareness. Essentially, this means to get your site seen as much as possible, for as long as possible, as often as possible. Traffic exchange users come and go and come and go, but they always seem to return. The idea behind T.E.B.A. is to be seen as much in 6 months as you are today because the ‘returning’ surfers will notice and remember you.

T.E.S.A. – Traffic Exchange Specific Advertising. The art of promoting directly to various traffic exchanges. For example, having a splash page rotating in Sweeva that has a headline that reads ‘Hey Sweeva Members’. This has been one of the most effective ways to advertise in the traffic exchanges for years. The more creative you are with this, the better your results will be.

The Two B’s of the T.E.’s – Building your list and branding your name. This (in my opinion) are the only two things you should be doing with your traffic exchange advertising. The surfers that have done this, have been around for years. The proof is in the results and list building / personal branding works!

These little tidbits have helped me so much in my business. Use them. Engage your fellow surfers. Stick out. And be original. You will see massive results!