The Past Week In Traffic Exchange Land Has Been…

So it’s official! I’m no longer a resident of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and I am finally moved into my new home in Edmonton, Alberta. It feels good to start a new life in a new province and hey it makes it all better when the city is home to your second favorite hockey team…

Let’s just put it this way though, moving SUCKS and I’m so glad to be done with it.

I didn’t get a chance to be as active as I usually am this past week but still there was plenty of news and trends happening in the traffic exchange industry. Here’s what I noticed during the past week or so…

Sweeva hit 20,000 members! Boy oh boy was I pumped when I saw it click over. I’ve been a part of a lot of programs during my decade plus in this business but nothing has excited me more than seeing the growth of Sweeva and the massive potential it has. Special thanks to EVERYONE who has made this such an amazing experience…We are just getting started!

– We hit 20% of our goal at Traffic Exchanges Care. Over $1000 has been raised so far to fight water shortage around the world but we still need your help. Special thanks to Winter Perkins for creating that amazing new splash page. Please feel free to use it or download the image and use it wherever you can! We need your help, so please donate if you can spare a dollar or two =)

T.E. Profits got a major overhaul and was relaunched this week. I’m upset that I didn’t get to give this the attention it deserved with my moving obligations. And Scott Douglas, in my opinion, is the perfect example of someone who ‘gets it’ when it comes to making money WITH traffic exchanges. He doesn’t own one but still manages to be one of the most popular and effective traffic exchange advertisers in history. T.E. Profits is a must join for any serious traffic exchange marketer.

– I was pretty upset this weekend too for getting a Pay Pal dispute filed against me from a FELLOW traffic exchange owner. This pretty much left me ranting away in NMF and caused me to potentially lose some business but to be honest, when someone files a false dispute against you, doesn’t attempt at all to call you and work the issue out and it’s from another traffic exchange owner…Well…Good riddance. Filing unwarranted Pay Pal disputes is BAD for our entire industry!

– And finally, I’m thrilled to see all the changes taking place at IM Faceplate. The guys at Logiscape are really trying to build something special here and slowly this is becoming a wonderful place to grow your network. Remember, all this internet marketing stuff is useless without a solid network of contacts. Get out there and meet your fellow surfers!

That’s it for this week. We’re also back every day at T.E. Live, so do stop by for some water cooler chit chat and maybe a Tim Linden ‘blend or two’…

Issue 234 – There’s Gold In Them Numbers

Every Wednesday evening, a bunch of us gather in the SWAT Traffic training room and chit chat about all things related to building a business online and traffic exchanges. Last night was one of the more active nights in recent memory and it was a great seminar. However, one of the most important points that I think I fail to get across in the events is the importance of growing your network.

Your network is the key!

I hope I can really pound this message home because with out my network, there’s a very good chance I would still be flipping pizzas for a living and dreaming about working online, not doing it. Why is your network so important? Simple, because they become your allies in this crazy world of internet business.

They will help you launch new products, they will offer advice and input on anything you plan to do, you can get feedback from your circle of friends, and best of all you can grow together. So how do ‘grow’ your network. Here are a few tips;

1 – Attend the Wednesday night seminar at SWAT Traffic. Simply put, this is where the magic happens each and every week.

2 – Attend the Saturday afternoon sessions at Affiliate Funnel. These are some of the most informative training events online today.

3 – Come and take part in the discussions at Net Marketing Forum. You can learn a lot from this place but more importantly, you get your name seen daily by hundreds of online professionals.

and 4 – Be sure to ‘promote you’ in anything you do online. Use services like Splash Page Maker to build splash pages to rotate in the traffic exchanges that brand your name and your business. Get your face and name in front of as many people as you can using splash pages!

And a little bonus tip, do not be afraid to ask questions. If you have a dedicated upline sponsor in a traffic exchange, ask them a question. This is a great way to form a relationship with them and it grows your network.

Be seen and be heard, it’s the best decision you can do for your business.

Thank you very much for being a reader of Hit Exchange News and have a wonderful week!


Jon Olson
The Traffic Exchange Guy



The News

Traffic Gold Rush is one impressive program. How’s this for numbers, over 3000 new members joined in the first 8 days. Ha, I have to laugh at that. Most new exchanges can’t get 3000 in a year, and Mr. Conway and his team blew the socks off the launch. Great job guys, Gold Rush is here to STAY!

– 35,000 members have joined Traffic Splash! Another situation that makes me giggle a bit, because this program was DEAD until a guy named Paul Kinder took control of it. Seems like only yesterday *lol* Congrats on 35 k to the entire Splash team and with hundreds of new members joining every week, this is THE traffic exchange of choice for lots of TE enthusiasts.

Bellas Click Shack is giving away 50 cents per new referral until October 14th. There seems to be a trend to give away small amounts of cash for every new member that people refer. And for good reason, it’s working!

– Want to win your own copy of the best selling traffic exchange book on, Hits, Clicks and Misses, (actually, it’s the only published book about T.E.’s on the planet), simply post a comment about this week’s issue of HEN! Congratulations to ‘Ken’ for winning last week. Be sure to send your mailing address to me so that I can ship you a copy (hitexchangenews at yahoo dot com)!

– Splash Page Hall of Fame – Ha ha ha, I love it! Global Safelist really goes to town with this splash page. Great to grabbing attention! Note: Why do I focus on splash pages every week? Simple, you MUST be using them in the traffic exchanges to get results. Get a custom made splash page by clicking here!


HEN Top 10

The Famous Hit Exchange News Top 10 (Disclaimer: These are my top performing exchanges for the past week. Alexa rankings and fancy numbers have nothing to do with how I rank my list. This is based on my results and my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.)

1. Traffic Splash
2. Dragon Surf
3. Easy Hits 4 U
4. Traffic Swarm
5. Traffic At The Races
6. Royal Surf
7. Advertising Know How
8. Traffic Gold Rush
9. Traffic Era
10. StartXChange

Note: Analysis and Tracking by Hits Connect – The Official Link Tracking Service of Hit Exchange News! Sign up today and get your 30% Discount!

Question: Hey Jon, how come I Love Hits, SWAT Traffic and Click Crazey are never on the top 10 list? Since I own them, I feel it would be a conflict of interest to place it on any of my rankings. (But we all know how great they are anyways lol)



Deep Thoughts – Jon’s Weekly Rambling

Here’s Some Numbers To Think About

Lots of talk this week about membership numbers of different traffic exchanges and what is important to know when choosing a program to surf. I’ve heard everything from ‘we need unique traffic’ to ‘how many people are surfing at once’ for determining how effective a traffic exchange is.


Here are the only two numbers that matter in my opinion.

1 – How many new members have been brought into the system every week. Why is this important? Simple, because when you know how many new sets of eye balls are going to see your site you can know for sure that your advertising is attracting FRESH new potential customers.

Yes, it’s not as flashy as ‘total members surfing right now’ or ‘the unique traffic percentage is…’ but it tells you how well a traffic exchange is growing and more importantly, how many new people you get to advertise to ON TOP of who is already in the system.

2 – Results. Plain and simple, how many many views did it take me to get a sign up, a new lead, a sale, a referral. That’s it. I want results, I’m not in the traffic exchanges for the benefit of my health, because truthfully it’s gone down since I started surfing a decade ago *lol*

I want results and so should you. All these team surfing, clock hunting, helmets, all of that…It’s all to move credits, but does it produce results? Sure, traffic flow means an active program and when you have active members, good things tend to happen. But instead of flash and dash, give me sign ups please.

This little ‘rant’ of mine may get some people angry and I wrote it to get some passion from you. Far too many times we are mislead to think what is important in these traffic exchanges and what is not. Am I right? Maybe. All I can speak on is what I observe. And for 10 years now, those two points above have kept me going…


Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

– Volcano Hits, is it launched or not because I sure am getting a lot of emails about it…And some emails aren’t from the owners…

I Love Hits is about to hit 100,000 members…

– Useless Jon Olson information…I’ll be in Las Vegas next week so there will not be a new issue of Hit Exchange News. I’ll see everyone on October 23rd =)