The Anatomy Of A Perfect Squeeze Page

This may seem like I’m bragging but what I’m really trying to do with this blog post is show people the formula that I’ve been using for years when I create squeeze pages that CONVERT!

I call this the perfect squeeze page for a few reasons, but mainly because the thing has been converting for me like hot cakes for years now. While I’ve changed the video up, the DNA of this page has remained the same and the formula works. Hopefully with this example you can pull some ideas for yourself and see how you can get more results promoting inside of the traffic exchanges.

Let’s break it down;

1. The Logo – Now if you remember, I have talked about the ‘A.C.A.’s of squeeze page design’ for years. Basically my formula went like this…Grab ATTENTION….Create CURIOSITY…Have a strong CALL TO ACTION. All my designs have always followed this formula and while I adjusted it a bit for this example, you’ll see my logo…Up top on the squeeze page. Bold, striking and sticking out like a sore thumb. This is part of my ‘attention grabbing’.

2. The Video – We continue to grab attention with the MUST HAVE on any squeeze page in 2017. A video! And here’s a tip, make the video auto play. I know, I know…Some folks will complain that auto play videos are annoying but here’s a huge tip…We are trying to ADVERTISE inside of an advertising medium. People’s attention span is that of a gold fish and may last 5 seconds if we’re luckily. A video that auto plays when it is loaded is a must and grabs attention better than ANYTHING else out there. Use it for your pages, heck, host it on YouTube – it’s free!

3. The Value – Now this could be what I consider creating curiosity if you remember the A.C.A. formula from above, however I’m going to do something different with this example. This is YOUR VALUE that you are giving to your potential subscribers. here’s the dead honest truth, people don’t care about what you are promoting unless it gives THEM VALUE. So you need a hook (some people call it a lead magnet) to capture their attention and give them something of real value in exchange for their email address. This is the most important part of the process in my opinion because if you aren’t giving your subscribers VALUE FIRST, the relationship dies before it even begins.

4. The Call To Action
– And now for everything to actually pay off, you need a lead capture form that combines a strong call to action with your value given. Here’s a huge tip, don’t just say…’Subscribe!’ That’s pretty much the worst thing you can do. Be creative but let people know, they are going to get some awesome stuff, when they opt in.


So if we break down each aspect of the squeeze page, we see the end goal is to generate a lead. By using this formula I have put thousands of people on my mailing lists no matter what I have decided to promote.

Some people will say, that’s a traffic exchange related squeeze page promoted inside a traffic exchange. And yeah, that’s true. But I’ve used this same formula on all our squeeze pages inside of List Viral. I’ve used it to promote my other blogs, my auto responder, my tracking software….Every single product or service I own, this has been the formula.

Try it out for yourself, and be prepared to be amazed at the conversions.


I ended up doing a short seminar on this topic, hope you all enjoy it….

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Jon Olson

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10 thoughts to “The Anatomy Of A Perfect Squeeze Page”

  1. Yes Jon! We have followed your advice on this a long time ago….We just need to do more of it and improve on what we have done. You can see an example of it if you click on my name. It is a fun auto video about a serious problem. Just a little too long for TEs πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Jon, I am a big fan of video period but definitely for squeeze pages. And yes it’s targeted to your audience. I am working to get better at that. It’s a simple formula with proven success.


    1. Thanks Nick, yeah the formula works for any niche. I think if we follow it and adjust to our specific industry, we can crush it across the board.

  3. The presentation was great and very informative, Jon. I look forward to implementing the points you brought out and DO recommend fiverr for those who need the help: Low-cost and very good results. πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks Jon. My way of doing things in the past have not been working so I am now learning from people like you who knows what is going on, lol πŸ™‚

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