The Annual Year In Review For 2014

It’s that time of year once again….The traffic exchange industry has seen lots of up’s and many down’s but once again, we’re nearing almost 2 decades of website traffic delivery. That’s crazy right? Since the late 90’s, traffic exchanges have been here. year after year. Click after click. Sign up after sign up. It’s a huge tip of the hat to you, the people that make this community and industry so vibrant…

And that’s where I want to start this Year In Review post…Talking about…You!

This year we really saw the community of the traffic exchanges take shape. We’ve been doing the whole social chat in the T.E.’s for years now, but something happened this year that was truly remarkable. I have to play favorites here and call out the great group of people that frequent Traffic Exchange Live and the awesome sauce people that make up CTP Teams. Seeing and working with these folks each and every day this year made me so confident in the future of traffic exchanges.

Leaders emerged this year, some that weren’t known at all last year. Guys like Matt Badura, Tom Wacker, Eric Goettman, Walter Mulder, David McKay and others showed the industry what real leadership can do. It was amazing to see!

As far as innovation, my tip of the hat goes to Lords of Lothar for being the best new traffic exchange to grace our screens. The combination of RPG game play and the traffic exchange environment made arguably one of the most addictive surfing systems in history. To this day, there are still dozens upon dozens of gamers / surfers using this remarkable program. Well done to the Brothers Goettman.

For new product of the year, it’s a toss up! Let’s be honest, I truly believe Kore4 is the best new product of the year but again, very self serving. However when you break it down, the ‘culture’ that has been create by Kore4 is something I think we can all agree on. It’s now being taught to make money in the industry, one must stay the course and actually *gasp* spend money. Kore4 does that and gives a whole bunch of value in the process. We’ve paid out tens of thousands in commissions because of Kore4 in 2014 and there is no signs of slowing down.

My next favorite new product has to be Landing Page Monkey. Even though it’s only about a month old, what it has shown the industry is nothing short of revolutionary. Splash and squeeze pages are never going to be the same and it’s because of the guys at Landing Page Monkey. It’s innovative. It’s affordable. And it delivers results. Nothing in the industry has done more for people’s opt-in conversion rates and I can’t wait to see what people create with LPM in 2015.

Traffic exchange owners of the year has to go (in my opinion of course) to the guys at Legacy Hits. They have battled. They have clawed. But most importantly, they show up every day. And that’s truly a winning formula in this business. Things aren’t always smooth sailing at Legacy but boy oh boy, you cannot debate their dedication. Commission payouts are handled quickly, their surfing community is second to none and they promote their programs more than anyone else I’ve seen in recent memory. Huge tip of the hat goes to the guys!

Of course, a year in review cannot be complete without a rant…And my rant goes out to every single one of the traffic exchange ‘owners’ that owe their members commissions. This has become an alarming trend in the T.E. world and it’s got people questioning whether or not they can support new launches these days. The hoops that members need to go through to get paid by some of these programs is insane. Please, if you own a traffic exchange make your commission payments a priority for your business. Your members will thank you and support you for years to come!

All in all, it’s been a great 2014. We have learned a lot this year, and speaking for myself specifically I can tell you 2014 has opened my eyes to the crazy industry that we all love so much. We’re still here. We are still growing. We are still delivering the hits. Let’s make 2015 the best year and continue to show the world how powerful the traffic exchange can be!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

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  1. Great post Jon and you are right some owners need to wake up and pay there commissions on time. There is one I have been waiting for them since last FEB. Do they really think with that kind of record that folks are going to work there programs? Have a great New Years all Lets make 2015 the best year yet !!

  2. Nice post Jon and totally agreed. When an affiliate makes a sale, the part that is his / her commission should be put aside instantly and not spent. The “I will pay you when I make more sales” attitude is just bad for business. Good luck to all in 2015.

  3. I love CTP! I will stay the course. Tim Tech still is where I turn to build a business and learn with! Thank you Tim Tech staff & members for the support & tools & knowledge. Slow but steady.

  4. It has been an interesting year Jon(to say the least) and I believe the next is going to be better.

    To the subject of non-paying sites.

    There are plenty of sites out there who pay on time, every time. It is those sites that deserve our support but they are being hurt by the actions of poor(or arrogant – or greedy) admins.

    If you haven’t been paid by a few sites, you will be thinking twice about spending money on another site. Human nature to be wary, especially after being burned.

    On a more positive note – Happy New Year to everyone when it arrives. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you sir. And yup I completely agree. Crazy times ahead, especially for the program owners that operate like a hobby. Big things ahead in 2015!!!

      1. Great post Jon. Often times I just read your posts and smile and move on. But I must comment on your passing comment about owners who operate like a hobby. I once thought I could go at it as a part time thing. You know, “Set and Forget” Huh! I find I am on call 24hrs/day Every DAY So much so, I decided to expand and make this my real job. I work so much at it anyway. LOl As for commissions, I look at it this way, I would rather spend my money on people, (commissions for advertising) then just paying for credits that may or may not do anything for me. The people I owe have already worked for me.

        I love ( yeah I said love) the TimTech people so much because all of you have helped me learn and grow my traffic business. At times it seems you all go out of your way to be helpful and kind. All of you set a wonderful example for owners in site support. So again I say I have made Kore4 and CTP the center of my online advertising. All the best in 2015

        1. Thanks Evelyn, it’s been awesome to see your growth in the industry and the CTP Team community. Thanks for bringing your own touch to this business.

  5. Thanks for the year end review. It helps to remember the milestones in the year. Can’t believe Kore 4 was only this year. Wow. And I echo Sunny, you haven’t seen anything yet….2015 Whoohooo!


  6. Jon, I’ve said it before and I will say it again and continue to say it. I am a Professional Network Marketer! My sponsor found me because she advertised using Traffic Exchanges and I was surfing a traffic exchange, saw her capture page, filled in her opt in form, and the rest is history. When I train new distributors, I train them how to effectively integrate the use of traffic exchanges in their online advertising campaigns. Everyone whom knows of my success will tell you that they would love to sponsor a Steve Porter. And, I would reply by telling them to use traffic exchanges in their advertising! Happy New Year!

  7. Yep lots not paying and some even lower comms! You figure if at least 80% are paying your safe .Would be nice to have at least $2000 or more i am owed in a couple dozen sites. They may get excited and get in over there head or haven’t learned math and have high prizes with no sales to pay, Many reasons we all know them. They need to start of realistic and balance it out. But it does weed out the bad and shines a light on those sites that are good. Keep up the leadership! Happy New Year and may the te world increase increase increase!!!

    1. Ah the old Math issue πŸ™ Maybe every TE script sold should come with a free calculator as it amazes me every day some of the set ups some people have. Its them that are so obviously set up to fail and yet no one notices lol. Have a great new year everyone

  8. Stepped into the online business world this year and have found it to be some place I will stay. Alot of that motivation and credit goes to CTP and TimTech. I began in March and can not tell you how much I appreciate what you all do. Very much looking forward to the coming year. Thanks

  9. Great roundup, Jon. Thanks for the great birthday gift! πŸ™‚ 2015 is the year of change, and we can choose to make it an AWESOME success! Thanks for the leadership, and the friendship. Let’s flip that calendar and get this rodeo goin’! πŸ™‚

  10. Great post and insight on a a incredible year. Being fairly new to the industry I certainly had my eyes to the possibilities that are there for everyone to take advantage of. I will admit I was a bit skeptical early on, but finally saw the error of my ways and dug in with both feetand grabbed the rope that was tossed my way. Thank you Jon.
    Gary K Waters
    ps High praise to the whole TimTech org. for providing me great service!

  11. Great post Jon – Thank You ! and I’m with you next year to, like so many years before and 2015 will even be more successful πŸ™‚ Wishing you all the best for the new year Jon !

  12. It was great year Jon. It is awesome to look back and remember all the successes by some great owners. I am looking forward to an even better 2015. Thanks for an insightful year in review blog post and for your consistent support and encouragement.

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