The Biggest Joke In Internet Marketing


Talk about a bunch of hot air. The entire ‘plan’ for years in the internet marketing industry has been…Launch a new program, get your buddies to help promote you, after the hype dies down in a few months, launch something new….Rinse and repeat.

There is no plans for growth of current websites, because these people know the quick bucks are in the launch of it. Big claims? Let’s break this down and look at it step by step.

A launch usually generates a lot of hype. And the most money in one sitting, so owners know that if they get enough of their friends and ‘JV partners’ to promote this, they can make a lot of money. The affiliates are happy too because of all the attention it’s getting so people are making money across the board. Everyone is happy.

But then something happens. This crazy concept and universal phenomenon called ‘time passing’. And when time passes, the hype goes away. And here’s where the bulk of the costs to the owner come in, lots of customer support issues (which costs money), lots of issues with scripts and maintenance (which costs money), and lots of actual hands on work to keep the program viable (which costs money and *gulp* effort*). This is bad in the owners eyes…

So why focus on all this work and maintaining of a program which is costing them money and effort…Why not just launch something new and get their ‘friends’ to do all the work and promote it. New money, less effort.

And the cycle repeats…

This has eaten away at the internet marketing industry, especially with the advent of social media, because now pissed off customers have places to vent and it’s not making Mr. IM Guru very happy….Have you noticed, there isn’t as many launches as there was a few years ago…The customer has spoken!

Now before I get lynched, YES, good new programs are being launched and yes I support these and will forever. However I’m very picky these days, because I’ve seen so many things I have supported in years gone by, have no value in this day and age. I learned my lesson and I apologize for anything that I have recommended in the past, that didn’t live up to expectations.

Not saying, I’m the be all end all of business (I have made my BULK of mistakes lol), but if I promote something these days, it’s because I believe in the real value to you, the member, not the benefit to the owner…

Thoughts? Comments? What do you think?

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

61 thoughts to “The Biggest Joke In Internet Marketing”

  1. Oh so true lol. I hope most of us reading don’t fall for all the hype, but i guess a lot do still πŸ™
    My biggest bugbear is pre launch. How can a program be in pre launch when it’s being advertised to the general public. Just shameless hype to get the unsuspecting buyer to join thinking they are in at the top ( as if lol )

  2. Thanks Rain =)

    John – LOLOL Oh man, don’t get me started on pre-launchs AKA cash grabs. It’s either launched or not, there is no pre-launch LOL

  3. Another great ploy I’ve seen from some promoters is the use the words “NEW LAUNCH” or “HURRY! JUST LAUNCHED!” in their subject-lines in email ads to get peoples’ attention, even for businesses that have been online for years. Yay! πŸ™‚ Just Launched: The Internet! Hurry! Join NOW before it gets jammed!

  4. Thanks for the insite. I am not an owner or admin. Just a poor surfer trying to make a little money on the internet. The besy advice is from your excpertice.

  5. Thanks Jon for this post. It’s good to see and gets people thinking about it. I (like many others I’m sure) trust the judgment of a select few (TimTech being a major one), and tend to be cautious of most “pitches” thrown in my direction. People should only promote programs or opportunities they trust or believe in otherwise you may loose trust with your followers.


    Where’s my HEN post CTP badge?!?! πŸ™‚

  6. Good Post Jon!

    I wonder if you listened to the same Internet Marketing This Week podcast that I was just listening to. They were making the same point, and yes it is a good one.

    Keep em coming!

  7. Jon,


    Well, maybe not a whistle-blower per se.

    But, you sure did let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag… lol

    Actually, Jon… I think most people really do understand what “Launches” are all about.

    However… WAIT just a minute. What is this!

    An outlandish promise just popped up on my screen!

    And it requires NO money and NO work whatsoever!

    And it’s new and shiny and… awww… ooooh.

    Gotta run, Jon!

    Carl Ba…….

  8. I whole heartedly agree with you on this issue! When the gurus do a “million dollars in sales”; they know going into it that there will be a 35% refund rate. They STILL make a KILLING even if the program is total crap!

    Everyone wants to be able to click a few things and have instant money, so the trend will continue as each day more people are trying to find a way to make money on the Internet.

    The ultimate branding for Internet marketers is to provide good solutions for our customers. Not just promoting the newest ‘shiny thing’ because it pays a good commission. The biggest problem, as I see it, is people are promoting programs they haven’t even used that ultimately don’t work.

    Sales, in any form, is a problem solving business. We find a problem and provide a good solution.

    Stepping away from the soapbox now………. πŸ˜‰

  9. I am not a launch jumper. Although many other successful people I know will promote each and every launch, it just isn’t my style. I know there is money to be made but I am looking for long term programs I can promote a year from the date of launch.

    It takes all kinds of promoters.

  10. Kathleen – Crazy huh. I completely understand what you are talking about.

    Eric – thanks man. It means a lot dude. We’re trying to make sure people get the real scoop on all this madness.

    Jon – thanks man, nah didn’t hear that but I’ll be looking for it now.

    Carl – Ha ha ha ha man, are you sure you weren’t a comedian in your past life?

    Leonard – love the comment sir, thank you and I completely agree!

  11. Catherine – thanks very much for the comment. And yup, I’m looking long term for everything these days. It’s a very good business plan I think for everyone…Buy and hold lol

  12. Hey Jon –

    Great topic! I see this as a case by case valuation. There are several examples of program owners who manage to launch and effectively manage several new programs each year, or have a portfolio of dozens of successful sites across a variety of niches. Paul Kinder ansd the KRM team, Darren Olander, and Greg Chadwick, among others come to mind.

    I think it all comes down to the human and capital resources a person or group has to effectively mange and grow their programs along with their long-term objectives. I do agree that the cash grabber need to be avoid unless there is so much value given at the launch that the long-term value of the program itself doesn’t matter. However, you would want to be a customer of such a program and not a promoter of the program.

    HEN is always a great read!


  13. Hi Jon

    You ain’t ruffled my feathers, they’ve been ruffled long enough, and I think the launch recently, of a TE that proclaimed it would make all others extinct was what finally pushed me over the edge!

    I have just “launched” a TE, if you can call it launched! I am building a solid foundation for what I hope to be a hype free zone for quality advertising that will be around for many many years to come. I will not send any links to my members in emails for any programmes-full stop! I have no launch partners and do not intend to seek any. If my members like my TE and wish to tell their friends and associates then I will be doing things right and this is how I want it to grow!
    This means I am currently doing things the wrong way round and I may obviously fall flat on my face (and also lose money!) But,I want respect for my TE and not quick financial gain!

    Finally, just so you don’t think I’m using this to attract interest and get you to click and find my TE, I haven’t linked this to it! You’ll hopefully find me through reputation and word of mouth one day very soon!!

    Just doing my bit to try and make our business safer


  14. James – thank you sir. Yeah, my point is that it was a lot cheaper to just launch program after program because the real costs are maintenance and promotions to keep them going. Good companies and people will always be able to manage. Sadly the majority of the IM world are…Well..Shady at best.

    Paul – I love that post man, thank you. And nah, putting one’s link in their sig line is totally acceptable in my books. But now I’m going on a hunt for yours LOL =)

  15. Arlene – we were all new to this at one point. Just keep branding yourself, sticking out from the crowd and soak up as much information as you can. Those that stick to it, always come out on top.

  16. It is about trust and value. We all have shiny object syndrome but will you put your reputation on the line and brand yourself and promote thing that are worthwhile and fabulous or are you just out for a buck. Are you the next Frank Kern or just another Joe Blow?

  17. Vanessa – Thanks for the comment. And yes, I totally agree. For example, I just got an email in my inbox…Headline was ‘URGENT’…And guess what, it was just another pitch. That person lost me as a customer because of that…Reputation is EVERYTHING!

  18. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for this great post…..after reading this I am thankful that I was never one to rush to get on any launches – well, it was kinda weird how often they arrived in one’s mail…..oh, by the way Jon, you forgot to mention how much of a clutter these make in one’s inbox….hell, seems as if I am forever deleting ALL of them – and never find time to get to something more worthwhile and interesting!!

    Please do more of the ‘jokes’ – it’s refreshing to find such laughter on the internet today.

    Down with the ‘gurus, their launches and their launch friends’.


  19. Some of the business models out there make microwave meals seem like long-term projects.

    One would think at a certain point, such as when a marketer is making his 17th launch in six months, that the old adage about the boy crying wolf would start to kick in … I mean, how many launches and pre-launches can one person make before logic should start to make us ask, “Wait … does this guy every follow through with ANYTHING?”

    It will take people, such as you Jon, to keep pointing out the ludicrousness of it all and hopefully people will start to get the message and maybe the rest of the Internet marketing community will stop having our reputations damaged by these fly-by-night, Persian bazaar business tactics.

  20. Bona ha ha ha ha There are good programs and owners out there, they do exist. And you will be able to see quality a mile away. It’s usually spread by the members, and not other owners.

    So if you hear people talking about something, investigate. If it’s shady owners sending JV alerts, etc…Be aware =)

  21. Hi Jon,

    I am with you 100%. I have never been one of those people that jump on everything and anything that comes out. It has to be something that I have really looked at and feel that it would have some real value for myself and others. I have always had a good reputation online of being an honest person, and so I will not just endorse any old program.

    I also feel that if someone launches a program that is really good it will continue to do well long after the launch and the main hype is over. If someone has to launch a new program every few months it tells me their stuff must not be worth much and that ends up red flags for me.

    I always like to do research on the owner(s), if I do not know about them already, to see what they have been doing and how good their products/programs they have out there already have done. I also look for reviews and comments from others that have had dealings with them, and check to see if there are any scams they have been involved with. Everyone should do their due diligence before getting behind anyone and their programs. I will not put my neck and reputation on the line just because someone says something is suppose to be the next best thing since Ice Cream!

    Thanks for bringing up this topic today Jon…it was a very good one! Great job!


  22. Right on Jon! Thankfully, when I first started I didn’t have the money to fall for all those get rich quick schemes, pre-launches, etc. So, instead I went a totally different route and am now making steady money each month. I’m not rich yet and probably never will be, but that’s a headache I’m not sure I would want anyway. πŸ™‚

    Keep telling it like it is Jon and your readers (and customers) will thank you for it!

  23. A couple of years ago someone gave me a list of what not to get into top of the list was prelaunches, folowed by straight line matrices and launches.

    It was the best thing anyone has ever done for me. He has since written about ponzi schemes in his blog. Thank fully that though I did not know what Pozi meant I was already on my guard. Anything I join is already well established. Many things if not Ponzi schemes they are similar.

    How many times do these programs say no need to sponsor. Well if there is no need to sponsor why are you advertising? They all just need a bit of common sence. No is shorter than Yes.

    I just delete the lot every morning.

    How a

  24. Marilyn – Absolutely. A good program will stand the test of time. So whether you join it now, or in a month or a year…Value is there!

    Sally – thank you very much for the comments. Yup, same with me. i mean I did fall for some stuff back when I got started but I was low on funds. So I had to really do my homework on things I wanted to be involved in.

    Jean – Bam! Fantastic point. If you don’t need a sponsor, why are you advertising? LOLOL

  25. I also agree with your post however I will say that there are a couple of folks agreeing with it also – that I wouldn’t touch with a hot iron either.

  26. Hi Jon

    Clickbank launches are the worst offenders for this sort of crap, and finally I think the real super affiliates are starting to realise that promoting these is just hurting their open rates, conversions, and starting to only promote a solid product.

    In the TE / safelist industry you can’t do repeat launches as the OTO’s are normally lifetime / special upgrades, and if you’re programme fails to deliver it lives long in the mind and as the community is so small you have to deliver or you won’t have any JV partners promoting a 2nd site.

    Bottom line is normally to read the salespage and if it’s blind salescopy, screenshots of earnings, and talking about a “secret glitch” then close the window (ignoring all the discounts) and make sure that you unsubscribe from the person who pushed this sort of crap into your inbox.

    Also tweet and tell your facebook friends why you think it’s rubbish – the more we educate “newbies” the less sales will get made, and hopefully it will it will dissapear.


  27. Hey Jon,

    Not sure I would consider it a joke… that means it’s funny. I find it anything but humorous. I think its sad, and find it comforting that you continue to be selective on who and what you promote. I have noticed your trending toward this over the last 6+ months, and to now publicly admit such is great. Maybe your avid followers will stand up and take notice.

    Too many programs touted as the next best thing, or gotta have programs have done nothing since their original JV launch. The reason is the owners. They expect all these JV partners to carry and continue their program for them.

    As an owner, it is your responsibility to grow the program… many are not capable of doing that and is why they depending on the huge JV Launch in the first place. There are of course exceptions, but its there as you said you need to discern what is beneficial to JV with and what is not.


  28. Bang on Jon!

    There’s just too much hype and false promises out there by owners who then neglect their sites after the launch rush and don’t provide the service promised. Can’t say how much I HATE that!

    And even in our lil TE and Mailer niches there are serial owners who launch over and over because they’ve got no idea how to maintain activity.

    And I hope last year’s trend in mailer world is over too: where owners began selling their sites shortly after the launch buzz was over. How can you trust a site will last when the owner you trusted sells the site a few short months after launch. Easy answer, you can’t!

    And then there are the big Clickbank launches promising the earth on blind sales pages for “secret loopholes” and “automated traffic” and generally making false promises. Grrrrr!

    And that’s just scratching the service LOL Could go on and on and on and….

    It’s just like anything..
    there’s a right and a wrong way to do JV deals,
    a right and a wrong way to launch,
    a right and a wrong way to run programs
    and the most important part of it…

    a right and a wrong way to treat your members and customers.

    And that last one is the crucial point – these people don’t give a #### about their customers – and certainly don’t care the way we do. For them, it’s just a cash grab!

    dammit – you got me to rant – I was a very Happy Splasher today before I saw this too! LOL

  29. That happens in the real world also. I use the rule that the more hype there is the more you need to be worried. I also have a 3 month rule. If you see something you like wait 3 months and if the program is still around do your due diligence and find out what the masses think. If the program is solid all the money chasers will be finished promoting it having moved on to the next bells and whistles sensation leaving you alot better chance of making new referrals and using the program effectively. CTP falls into this category. 5 squillion ppl promoting it atm. We shall see how many are still in 3-6 months time. If CTP has legs it will still be around and may well be worth joining then as what it offers has value and will be much easier to promote. Just my random thoughts! Take care.


  30. Andrew – Love it man, great post. And yup, of course, I totally agree with you!

    DA – Live and learn man. I made my share of mistakes. Lots of them and I fell for the crap too. Heck I promoted crap. Lots of it. But I’ve wised up, and I hope lots of other do to. The members are what matters and not the owners that I used to try to impress.

    Paul – Good to see you throw your voice around man. (you know i’ll bug you and say you need to do more of that lol) You are a leader in this business and if you stand up and say enough is enough…Lots of people notice. Great stuff sir, much appreciate the comments!

  31. Hi Jon,

    I tune it all out now.I pick an choose carefully, and I stick with long term value added marketing. The bonuses offered by most launches are just mostly show, who has time to use all of that stuff?

    Great post on something I think a lot of us have been thinking for awhile.


  32. See Martin – that kind of frustrates me.

    And I know the TimTech guys feel the same way and if you were in TE Live yesterday you’d know why…

    I mean look at the names behind CTP…Tim Linden (10 years plus of being online), Justin (over 5 years at least) and myself over 10 years.

    Not sure why anyone who knows us or our businesses would ever think for a second this thing won’t be here in 3-6 months. Not sure what else TimTech needs to prove to anyone because we are in the trenches everyday. This isn’t a fly by night operation =)

  33. I’m not saying it wont Jon, far from it. I am a member of a number of your programs and you are definitely one of the good guys. But as you said not everything works so I was just making the point that one needs to have a process in place that applies to all new programs. I would be very surprised if CTP wasn’t around but nothing is 100% guaranteed. Remember the Barbarian Hits experiment! Killed you exploits in that area of TE promotions.

    Thanks for the reply πŸ™‚

  34. Not really because we just did Live Traffic Network, and Smith seems to be doing very well. I don’t think it’s fair to say that, some will stick with it, some won’t. But the case at hand here is….

    I haven’t given up yet LOL Not saying you should rush and join CTP right now. Just saying, I’m not going anywhere. God willing.

  35. Hi Jon
    Thanks for your honesty and help. I delete and leave for later so many emails because it’s hard to distinguish the usefulness of them because of the hype. I always keep yours and ask that you put promo to this great site on them prominently as a reminder. I’ve had so many refunds for useless downloads or trick advertising I only follow genuine marketers like you now. I don’t understand how these fakers survive with a good name like they do. Why do good people get caught as an affiliate for some of them? How do you sort the good from the bad before you take it up?

  36. A quick tip for those that don’t know you can stop mail from the people promoting the crap. In gmail just set up a label that sends anything from the email address you received the crap from straight to the trash. In hotmail you can block the sender. I guess in other email programs there are similar functions. Has the advantage over just removing yourself from their list as you might accidently sign up for another of their lists πŸ™‚ Saves wading through rubbish in your inbox everyday. If someone sends me crap once then they’re gonna send it again. Worth the few seconds it takes to set up a label or block sender in my opinion. If they decide to reform then they better change email address lol.

  37. Great advice from everyone so far…it’s something that continually keeps on bugging my inbox…RUBBISH ClickBank products from $27, $37 and $47…

    If these things were soooooooo great and life changing, wouldn’t they be worth more?

    Shameless daylight robbery if you ask me…and some of these emails come from people whom i’ve seen around for some time and thought of as well respected…

    I have also recieved a few emails of late with the subject line…”Appologies”…it’s great to see that some of the IM veterans are starting to realise the crap value that they are sending to their lists…their customers…their loyal followers.

    As a Text Ad Exchange owner, I have recently been contemplating banning the promotion of these hyped up useless products, it may cost me members, but I would rather have 100 members with good honest products and opportunities than 1000 members who are willing to rob each other of their hard earned money…

    There are plenty of examples currently in the news showing revolts from the common people against their leaders, it’s time that the common folk of the Internet World wise up and revolt against these so called “Next Big Thing” products…

    Remember…if it LOOKS too good to be true…the chances are it isn’t TRUE

    PS…still waiting for Viral Bonus Pizza Plan Upgrade (brodie1972) πŸ˜‰

  38. Craig – Thanks for the note and ya sorry about the Pizza Plan thing, when we changed servers this past week all my emails haven’t been coming through. I’ll get you all set up right now Re: Pizza Plan.

    And bang on with your comments too, thanks for those.

  39. Hey Jon great post – one of the reasons why IM really is on the nose – controlled by a few gurus with some greedy friends.

    You’ve called it like it is and its great to see.

    I for one, am really tired of the merry go round and while I remain active in this niche, I’ve really switched off to new programs and am concentrating on building my business.


  40. Jon love it.

    People put me down all the time for trying out a product before I send it out and find myself behind everyone else.

    But I have to try it before I can promote it. Money is not that important to me to lie to people just to get a few bucks.


  41. URGENT!! This post Just Launched!! Lock in your position NOW!!

    You’ve NEVER seen a post like this and it’s going to revolutionize the way posts are done.

    We’ve spent over 6 Bazillion dollars in research to bring YOU the best posts in the industry!!

    WE are currently seeking JV partners for this Massive Launch and we’ve contacted you because of your ability to recruit large numbers of posting prospects.

    JV partners will be expected to email this post at least two (2) times during launch week (preferably solos) more if possible.

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    PS Be sure to look for the Outstanding OTO’s on our multiple
    post packages. These are the lowest priced posts ever created!


    Welcome aboard in advance

    Well….I guess that about covers it. LOL

    Great post man and please forgive my “tongue in cheek” reply.

    Lots of great replies so far πŸ™‚

  42. Thanks for the comments everyone, I’m so glad to see so many of us that are fed up. The times they are a changing…And it’s so so so so good!

  43. Nice Post Jon!

    I see a few familiar names above from previous launches,
    hopefully, times are changing!

    We’ll see how it goes, but this is why I haven’t joined
    the program of the month yet.

  44. I think a lot of the problem is the whole idea of ‘JV’s which is why I don’t ever do them with my launches, but I see this happen a lot.. especially with the big names.. I promote very few things and I constantly work to maintain and improve my current projects rather than just launching a new thing every few months and pat myself on the back for how great it is..

    I think if your product only is a success at launch and then is on a decline from that point on then you are probably doing something wrong, thankfully all of my ventures have had a history of getting better and better every month, thanks to all the time and detail and response to feedback..

    But it’s hard to listen to this model when the people who generate the buzz and the following are the ones who come out with the new launch every 3-6 months..

  45. Hey Jon –

    I was thinking about this post tonight and I wanted to position the Internet Marketing Model against that of one of the most celebrated companies in the world and ask for a comment.

    From your post (with the analogy): “Talk about a bunch of hot air. The entire β€˜plan’ for years in the internet marketing industry has been … Launch a new program (product the i-Phone Launce = Million$), get your buddies to help promote you (Retail Partners and JV Service Plan Providers), after the hype dies down in a few months (the i-Phone sales level), launch something new… (the i-Phone 4G).Rinse and repeat (the i-Pad … the i-Pad 4G same cycle).”

    I still think this is a great post with some great points … but before we round up all of the Guru Internet Marketers, we should recognize that they are capitalist just like Steve Jobs … no better, no worse.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.


  46. Yeah I echo what Justin said. These people prey on new marketers like cat’s to mice. They fill everyone’s heads with delusions of riches and never tell people the truth.

    Being, it takes a lot of time. A lot of effort. And a lot of money.

    Apple has never said ‘you can make 30k in a month using an iPhone’.

    Completely different ball game I think.

  47. Nothing else needs to be said, wrapped up beautifully!
    Here’s a hint for you, the way you guys did CTP was masterful. You leaked it out and did not do the normal JV with the others. I promise you this, You Gained My Respect in a Big Way! That is why there are so many people in TE’s so excited about it. Every one had a shot at it in the beginning stages.
    Thanks Guys and Keep it up!

  48. Thanks Sam – It made members happy, not the JV crowd and that’s kinda what we want nowadays. Old school marketing was ‘control’…New school stuff is having NO control at all and letting your members see the results. I personally, haven’t slept better in years =)

  49. This is my first time i visit here; I found so many useful stuff in your website especially its discussion, From the a lot of comments on your articles, I guess Im not the only one receiving the many satisfaction right here! keep up a good job!

  50. Hi, I see the comments on pre-launch. My inexperienced impression is the pre is for getting who’s who in the zoo sorted out for leaders, testimonials, promoters etc. Am I far wrong? Everything helps in learning so keep the good stuff coming.

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