The Biggest Secret In Online Marketing

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to grow businesses online each and every day while others struggle to turn a profit? Why do some marketers thrive while others can’t seem to make a sale with all the effort they put in? Is it a conspiracy of the ‘rich’? Nope, but it’s something rarely talked about online…

Most ‘internet marketers’ in the past lived and died by the ‘product launch’. Meaning, the bulk of their income was made by spamming….Oh sorry excuse me…’mailing their list’ with the latest greatest fool-proof scheme that was sure to revolutionize the world. Interesting little business model, wait for your buddy to launch something new, send emails to your list, collect affiliate commissions…One major fault with this business model though, where are the residuals?

Here’s the secret, the WEALTH in online marketing is made from the residual income. The membership business model. The evergreen affiliate programs that may not net you the big ‘JV Launch’ profit bumps but over time, compounded monthly, equal some HUGE profits.

It’s not sexy though. It takes time to develop daily residuals that don’t just pay you once, continue to pay you over and over again for years. It’s a business model that doesn’t have much flash and dash. Not much hype and hoopla…But still the most successful business people on planet earth have been relying on monthly residual income for years.

I’m a BIG fan of this model, and I know that once people catch that mass effect, the residual income compounds and POW! You’ve got yourself an awesome business. Get one referral in something like AdKreator, and then the next month, on that same day, get two referrals….Not try to double that every month for a year, the potential is awesome!

But alas, this takes work…It takes effort…And it takes time. Three factors that 99% of people reading this are not willing to accept and sadly, will wait for the next ‘latest greatest’ email to show up in their inbox…

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

16 thoughts to “The Biggest Secret In Online Marketing”

  1. I agree with everything you say here but judging from my email inbox we are in the minority here.

    Every day I am encouraged to:
    (i) secure my place on the ground floor
    (ii) be the first to benefit from this super new system
    (iii) pay just $15 and retire in nine months from now
    (iv) lock in here before someone else beats me to it
    (v) some combination of all of the above.

    It is all, as far as I can make out, utter rubbish.

    The non-sexy evergreen stuff is the way to go however it also needs work, investment and commitment and if that is too much for some people to hear then they can lock in to the spot I have no intention of securing in the latest online “opportunity.”


  2. Patrick – I know man. We are the minority in this business. Most want the easy riches, the quick fixes and the flipped matrices to the third powers….Sad, but hopefully, enough of these blog posts might get one person to realize the only people getting rich from the latest ‘revolutionary’ product are the people launching them and their circle of friends…

  3. Bravo ****clapping**** – finally someone is telling it like it is. And to even expand on this – like you did in TE Live yesterday – By building a small amount of affiliate income in multiple “Ever Green” programs, you can build a nice income.

    You don’t have to build a downline of thousands to make this system work. But, alas, it will take time and consistent effort to continue to build your income.
    No- it’s not 10 grand in the next 3o days – so it’s not exciting at all. What it is – a consistent way to build an online income from sustainable products.

    Build multiple streams of income –
    autoresponder – 5 referrals – net monthly income $20
    splash page maker – 5 referrals – net monthly income $20
    traffic exchange – 5 referrals – net monthly income $20

    Now Build – next year this time have 10 referrals. The income possibility is only limited by YOU.

  4. I must agree as well. I get so tired of opening my email to find the latest, greatest, newest way to make money over night. There are no get rich quick opportunities out there. People give up too easy and move on to the next promise of easy wealth. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Evergreen products, which are tools that everyone needs, may not be sexy but I believe are the way to go. Slow and steady wins the race…Consistency!

  5. Hey Jon,
    As usual you have raised a great point with this topic. I just followed one of the ‘lastest, greatest…’ but I chose this one cause it has to do with TE’s and I surf a lot.

    Unfortunately I had to escalate it and still have not made any headway with resolution.
    Now I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only one who has seen this opp but I may be the only one who has had a problem….technology being what it is could be just a glitch.

    This opp is on every TE that I surf and I’m not sure how long to wait until I post a page that warns others against it…or if I should as there has been 0 support.

    Either way it’s just another reminder,for me, about the truth of what you have posted…so yeah, think I got the message…hope others do too

    Doug(justasurfer) Nelson

  6. GREAT Post Jon. Out of the park home run. Residual income is kinda like compounded interest. Once you get on the positive side of the interest rate game or shall we say, the residual income game, it compounds monthly. Yes Jon, Evergreen Products are the turning point for a struggling Internet Marketer. The Message is Loud and Clear!
    Sam and Deb Burgess
    Mabank, Texas

  7. Great Post. This is one reason I don’t like to do the email recommendations. I can’t stand getting those same emails myself. Spamming is so 90’s anyway isn’t it time to move on with the times and see the real picture. Get out there and build your business and your residuals.

  8. Rockin’ post Jon. Frankly, the “endlessly pummel your list” model makes me sick, and gives a bad name to the internet marketing community. Building a REAL business based on evergreen products that add VALUE to those who use them is the only way to go …. that is if you’re like us and value people rather than viewing them as dollar signs on your “list”.

    Best to you,

  9. Hey Scott Cofer!!!!

    Great to see you!

    Looks like we’re both fans of the original TE Guy (Olson) who never pulls any punches and calls them like he sees them.

    Great post, Jon. The message never gets old.

    “Slow and steady wins the race.”

  10. Jhon is true.
    in the majority of new companies have to work hard, no real easy way at the beginning.

    personally I’am around for 1 year and a half in the TE
    now from 6 months I begin to have results with signups, commissions, referals every days!

    the secret is to persevere, work, learn, tracks your ads. thanks guy!

  11. Jon, u are sooooo on target. That drop in the bucket instant doesn’t pay next months bills. The residual income from downline sets u up for future income to keep paying the bills.

  12. Not been around for a while!
    Its up to all dedicated marketers to make scintillating splash pages!
    Stop advertising the “crap” using generic pages
    And treat your downline with respect

  13. Hey Jon –

    This is a core concept as far as I am concerned and I learned this as developing a business funnel centered on training, resources, and tools. When we focus on “evergreen products” such as auto-responders, hosting, domain registration, conferencing tools, etc. Stability is created because you are selling resources everyone needs and are less likely to cancel month to month. No different than your utility or phone bill.

    I love the concept because you encourage people to purchase the resources that will help them make money and grow a real business.

    Another great post and comments shared by many above.

    Thank you and have a blessed day!


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