The Death of Boring Traffic Exchanges

I’m so bored! Every time I wake up in the morning, one of the most important parts of my day, starts with reading updates and happenings from the traffic exchange world. I’ve got to say, it puts me back to bed quite often…

I mean come on? How many times do I have to read about Billy Bob Smith winning 35 credits and a 10 cent surf prize…

Nothing seems to capture my attention these days in the traffic exchange industry and I know I’m not alone. Where’s the kreativity? Where’s the passion? I know I can’t be the only person that is fed up with the lameness that is plaguing this business.

Let’s shake it up! If you are an owner, for the love of everything that’s good, build something new! Add a new feature that no one has done before. If you are a surfer, SHOCK the world with your promotions. If you are a blogger, say something that gets people talking…

I think the ‘same old same old’ traffic exchange model is dead. Social surfing has changed the game and while a lot of people told me when I co-released Social Surfing Secrets that I was on some kind of medication…The proof cannot be challenged anymore.

People want to be social, they do not want to click for hours and be put to sleep. The networking that is taking place is incredible and I’m so happy to see the connections that are being made. But that’s just the tip of the ice berg…We need more features that FOCUS on social and less on old school marketing.

Hey, if you are a purist, good luck to ya’ =)

However if you are an entrepreneur, you can see this change a mile away. You know you need to adapt and make some moves towards this juggernaut that is social surfing in the traffic exchanges. Now is your chance to be different! Don’t do what everyone else is doing…Be kreative! Be unique! Be the Purple Cow!

Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try something new. We did something new with social surfing over a year ago and it’s been worth every minute of it!

Maybe I’m speaking for a lot of traffic exchange surfers, maybe I’m just speaking for myself…But ummmm….Stop boring us!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

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  1. Now you’re talking – get things moving – away from a system that was outaged 5 years ago, and into the super social 2011+.

    I’m curious to hear everyones thoughts and interested in trying some stuff out as well.


  2. Hi Jon,

    Funny but while you were writing your blog post above I was writing this:

    Sorry for the shameless link to my blog directly in this reply but it addresses many of the same issues and saves me typing out everything again.

    By the way, someone joked on Twitter a few moments ago (at least I hope it was a joke) that nobody cares what I have to say about traffic exchanges.

    So perhaps someone would be kind enough to leave a comment on my blog post above and prove my Twitter adversary wrong!

    Great post as ever Jon.

  3. Patrick – As soon as I pressed publish I saw your Tweet. LOLOL Too funny man. I’m off to read your post now, I know I’ll love it.

    Loke – thanks man, I’m looking forward to hearing people’s thought son this as well.

  4. I have partied like a rock star, blogged like a pro, I tweet like a celebrity and I have surfed like a mother for some very rewarding positions on what will hopefully help millions.

    I probably owe it all to you Jon.

  5. It’s amazing. So many new TE owners buy a script and launch their new TE. A TE that looks 99% identical to everyone else using the same cookie-cutter script. Be different, stand out. Give me a reason to come to your site everyday. You will gain my loyalty and support, I will feel good promoting it to my circle of friends.
    But, if it’s boring or sucks? Guess what? I will have 0 reason to ever come back.

  6. Another great one Jon. Social surfing really started way back when SX added chat and team chat. Then Sweeva really let the cat out of the bag. I am reminded of a certain TE owner that races horses shall we say, who even published a couple of blog posts several months ago, asking for the pro’s and con’s. For the Surfer (The Buyers and Sellers), the social scene was a tremendous addition. Well, several of us even challenged this TE owner to try Sweeva out and see for him self. Yes, I have seen him advertising there but never fielding question. Most of us even remember the blog comments by a certain Troll that the attraction of Sweeva was dead simply because he was not getting the same response as he was in his first month or so. Of course, those in the know realize that the Troll shot himself in the foot by blasting every thing he saw in rotation if it was not one of his sites. So, like normal human beings, myself included, who wants to venture into a room full of horse crap with this guy and hear the belly aching all the time about the smell, for crying out loud, I do business with people that immediately started digging through the crap, I know there is a pony in there somewhere. Like most people, I want to do business with people who can see through the fog, see down the road, see the positive potential and I am not alone either. So, my final resolve on this is very simple, Living Behind the Secret Vail is how the Internet was done for years, No More. If some refuse to accept it and even are stupid enough to complain about the smell, listen up, “I Vote With My Money!” If you have noticed that sb4269 has down graded on your TE, NOW YOU KNOW. As we say in Texas, “You Naysayers Better Wake Up and Smell the Roses”.
    Okay Sam, it is off your chest, time to sign off now!

  7. You know Jon… I gotta say I have been promoting my 1MS as different for quite sometime… yet I have been told by a few that it is too difficult… So, I have just assumed that surfers want the same old as they don’t seem to want to take the few minutes to learn anything new. Once members have navigated 1MS a few times, they ask “why wasn’t I using this all along…”

    I have completely redesigned the standard LFMTE surfbar… added 1MS Radio… surfers can check the Alexa stats of any site with the click of a button… socially connect to page owners, and to the page in rotation… and much more. I have done even more to the rest of the TE… not just the surfbar.

    Those non boring TE’s are out there… surfers just have to look for them… and then use and promote them… anyone not a member of 1MS… find Jon’s referral link… he’s a member 🙂 Come see non boring surfing… and while your there use some of the “surfer tools” available


  8. Traffic Exchanges for the most part have “missed the boat” when it comes to moving forward. The problem as I see it, most people who participate in Traffic Exchanges seem to think that the more credit they have, the better. With that in mind they demand lower and lower delay times so they can earn more credits.

    They need to be educated on the fact that if the delay times are lower, then their own credits lose their value.
    The basic question becomes this; Would you rather have 10,000 credits that require a viewer to look at your page for 6 seconds, or would you rather have 1,000 credits that require viewers to look at your page for 60 seconds.

    I believe that having less credits, and a longer viewing time will bring you more business in the end. Remove the main focus on the number of credits you have, and place the focus on the benefits of getting people to ACTUALLY take the time to read your page.

    Look at it this way… Would you rather have your web site printed on the back of a t-shirt, and have a person wear the shirt to the mall? Or would you rather have your web site printed on the side of a bus that is driving through the Super bowl, on Super bowl Sunday.

    Of course you are going to pick the bus right… BUT WAIT… What if the bus was traveling 400 miles per hour?

    NO ONE WILL SEE YOUR AD! Welcome to Traffic Exchanges!

    I do have a lot of ideas that I think would improve traffic exchange site and I will be talking about them next week. I own a podcast called “Making Money Online with John Fite” and the focus for next week is Traffic Exchange sites. You can find this by looking at my web site.

  9. DA – Thanks for the post man, and I agree you are doing some cool things over there sir. Well done!

    John – thanks for the post. Unfortunately, I think you are looking at TE’s in the old school way of thinking. It doesn’t matter how many page views you get or how long people stay on your site anymore….It’s all about how well you engage them and capture their attention.

    This is done with kreative advertising and social aspects, like live chat. It’s a different ball game, page views are important but not as important as the relationship you have with your viewers.

  10. Well, I decided to post and then replies kept coming in so my response will be in two parts.

    @Jon – I am working with Monty & Andy at the Rich Mouse Team and I believe they are developing a fantastic product. This product will help small TE owners compete with the larger TE’s plus, it will bring more surfing rewards to the average surfer. It is a winning product for TE owners and TE surfers. The Mouse Points system has launched and the Rich Mouse Team is putting together a fantastic program.

    @Mr Fite- I totally disagree. If you have a 60 second timer, the surfer will not stay on your ad for 60 seconds, they will just tab surf some where else. Not only that, a 60 second timer would annoy the heck out of me and I would not surf that exchange.
    If you want to grab a surfers attention, make an Eye Catching – Head Turning AD. If you grab my attention, I won’t click away when the 6 second timer is up, I will take the time to read the information and find out more. It will be my choice – you won’t have forced me to look at something that didn’t interest me for 60 seconds.

    So you decide: Would you rather have a surfer choose to look at your ad or have them ticked off because they can’t get off your ad for another 50 seconds?

    Just my two cents.

  11. It all goes back to training & learning!
    No matter how you advertise, newbies need a helping hand from US dudes with no pressure to pay for sign ups
    Good post Jon, btw I hate daily email from Traffic Owners. This could all be site on when logged in. Not mentioning any names, but I think we could all point to a few ~~

    Lizzie (just a surfer)

  12. Nice post Jon,

    I hope a lot of folks read DA Riley’s post. If you want an education, go to 1ModernSolution. One will never be bored at 1MS Every time I go there, I learn something new that helps me with my business efforts. DA is a master programmer too and is always available to help. Over and above, there is a new breed of small and medium sized TEs that are doing some really great things on the social media front. Hosting multiple chat rooms, expanding the users capability to cross reference multiple social networking sites, and presenting opportunities for members to access the memberships of other TEs with creative promos and contests. So if someone is looking for boring…don’t look this way….lol.

  13. Can really tell that you read books by people like Gary V, and by trying to outcare your competitors you are definately getting the market share of people who are actually active surfers.

    Not really sure what to do about the passive surfers who just sit in a bubble clicking and promoting affiliate programmes.

    Normally when I hit the chat function no-one answers, but I really do think it’s a cool feature.


  14. Cathy – thanks for the post. Not sure I’m a fan of this ‘small VS big’ TE argument… A small TE can compete with ANY TE . Doesn’t matter how big or small they are. The owner is what makes it.

    Thanks Elizabeth , I appreciate the comments.

    Dwight – Agreed. I think DA is very creative and someone who understands that the bar needs to be raised.

    Andrew – LOL Yeah man, I’m a huge fan of Gary.

  15. Hey Jon,

    As an owner of 3 TEs, I have sat back and watched much of the same thing you describe. Honestly, I get enough email every day, that I am not about to add 3 separate emails into people’s inboxes every day. You raise a good point about shaking things up, showing something new…..but all TEs do is drive traffic to the same sites, over and over and over again. I am not very likely to jump from Traffic Champions to 1MS, for example, and see much different in websites. Sure, doing the social stuff adds to the fun of a TE – but it also takes away from speed of surfing and conversions from the pages inside.

    In my opinion, owners need to do a better job of forming relationships inside a TE. I’ll call out Eric Holzwarth, for example, who has a Skype chat room for his TE. He’s connected with his members. But is that even enough to make a TE profitable? Is that enough to change a TE from boring to new and different?

    I am not yet convinced, and you can call me a traditionalist; but I am reluctant to sink hundreds of dollars into something that can’t come close to even breaking even.

    Now, I’ll sit back and see if I ruffled some feathers. 🙂


  16. The majority of the successful TEs online seem to be of the “old school” way of thinking, and as long as their model continues to be profitable, I don’t see them moving to the Social TE model. As the saying goes, If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it…

    As for a new TE coming on to the scene, and out-of-the-box script with nothing new and interesting to create a buzz about will not get very far. Same goes for the ads being rotated – there seems to be a general lack of creativity these days.

  17. Listen to Sophi42. I’m a lost dog on this site because I don’t know much. Surf sites are usually set to bamboozle those who don’t have the knowledge of the likes of the owners of these posts. I bet there are thousands of members who hardly even know how to get past surfing.
    All the best

  18. My boring old TE is about to be the very 1st LFMTE to hit 10000 members.

    No big deal-but just 1 year ago I was told that I would never get 1000 because I give to much to free members-

    My Members are not there to be entertained,they want,and they get conversions on their ads-they do not get Badges or Butterfly’s- just other Marketers viewing their sites-.
    No Chat
    No Social Networking.

    Prizes are only won if people read pages as they surf.

    I actually banned my Top 10 surfers-I could give a crap about how many credits people earn- I only care about CTR and conversions.

    Advertising is what a Traffic Exchange was invented to do, doesn’t anyone remember that?

    I banned less then 1% of my members but it cost me 33% drop in surf numbers.

    I lost 10 2000 a day surfers -BTW 99% of TE’s seem to have these same people and some even award them prizes.

    Instead of chatting about it I went out advertised and got 200 new 100 a day surfers who are also looking to earn and learn- not be entertained.
    That took 5 days

    That is when membership exploded-

    Marketers came flocking in-and with them came their Downlines from other programs.

    Bored while surfing? Try reading a few pages-wander off-take your time and join a list-book a holiday-shop for groceries or a new job-all that and more your fellow members have to offer you.

    I can find anything in the world while surfing a TE-I need no other entertainment.

    At a decent TE with a fair surf ratio ( anything worse then 2:1 is criminal in my mind) it does not take long to get enough credits to keep your ads showing 24 hours-that is all we should expect from anyone.

    I have never been more positive my method works, and from what I hear- my members even like it this way.

    yes-there is lots of people who want badges and butterfly;s-but there is the huge silent majority that just want people to look at their pages.

    How can you get bored when there is so much to learn, and earn?

    Give me a signup at one of the many Mailers and or TE’s I support-I will take that over a Badge any day!

  19. Doug – You are awesome. Great job man, keep up the fantastic work!

    Brian – thanks for the comments. I’ve found conversions have sky rocketed since I added chat over a year ago to ILH and Sweeva. But alas, maybe it’s not built for everyone.

    Mark – completely agree. Wish more creative thinking was around.

    Janny – no rush, take your time and ask questions. that’s what I’m here for.

  20. Being the New SOCIAL traffic exchange on the block. I need to weigh in On this being different and social stuff.

    Surfing was / is fundamentally boring. Keep in mind, I don’t have chat on my site *BUT* I own a social TE.

    Why? The answer is very simple like me people have got to the point that Traffic exchanges need to evolve. Sites like easyhits4u are moving to Social.

    And while some people will refer to the days TE’s were first invented…….. Them days are gone.

    When a traffic exchange owner says he could Give A Crap about how many credits people earn then talks about any thing less than 2:1 is criminal at the same time talking about banning people for surfing too much.

    Forgive me Doug as I don’t agree or maybe understand some of the things said in the comments here today.

    It seems like we got off to another subject somewhere. But Yes! Boring is on its last leg.

    Its been time for the community to stand up and be counted. It feels wrong to me, that good people will spend their hard earned money to reward a site for mediocrity.

    Im sorry
    I feel That I give more to the members than 90% of other exchanges because I have spent thousands to make my project different, better, more interactive, and not buy an out of the box script and dress it up with a hey look “low timers and High earnings”

    I Love the traffic exchanges as a business and On March 29, 2011 I launched my Social hit exchange with (0) members and now today we over 3250 sign ups in 3 months. No pre-launch – no Hype – Just real people talking, connecting and having FUN!

    Im sure that growth is directly related to marketing AND being social and its Important to understand this. Not everyone fits in to the cookie cutter mold anymore.

    I am a surfer, social guy, And A Social exchange owner. I am not wrong, I just believe that being different is more fun!

    James Dias

  21. This isn’t about if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but rather how can I make it easier to use, more efficient & effective.

    E3 = Successful development
    Successful development = Profits
    Profits = Leverage to gain what you want
    Having what you want = Leverage to gain happiness
    Being Happy = Success

  22. Hi Jon

    How different do you want it? Here is my site. My Dad built it.
    Jay Dee. The first traffic exchange for the female, no male allowed. We women have the buying power to 87% we make the decision. It is a te where women market with women. I also take pride in this site as it is beautiful lol

    Thanks Jon I like this, you said it. “Its boring.” Thumbs up!

  23. My TE is different. Although rejected by some, I have created my site to allow people of the same opinion or who support a primary cause to do so. I created the paths for them to meet each other and, as a team be able to let their voices be heard and make a difference. The added bonus is the TE itself. But you are 100% right in that we (myself included) need to be unique and make our TE’s not so boring. Great post. I agree and also admit that I am guilty since I have at least one or two TE’s that are totally old school.

  24. So, while reviewing the great diversity of comments to this blog, I read the following lines all in the one post:

    “My Members are not there to be entertained…

    …they do not get Badges or Butterfly’s- just other Marketers viewing their sites.

    No Chat.

    No Social Networking.

    I actually banned my Top 10 surfers.

    I could give a crap about how many credits people earn.”

    Wow! I mean super mega wow with large fries and extra cheese here.

    Funny thing is I checked out the sales page for the TE in question and, try as hard as I could, I found no reference to the “I could give a crap about how many credits people earn” sales pitch anywhere.


  25. The first thing I see when reading the blog and comments is a conversation between owners and surfers. That is awesome. I also see conversation in skype rooms. That is awesome. This blog did something I don’t see a lot anymore, it got interaction. I appreciate that Jon is returning all comments, positive and negative.
    @Patrick: sorry, I like my badges, I like building relationships with people in chat, I like helping other surfers when they are puzzled about a feature of the site. I like know the owners and admin. I like the fact that I had an issue late last evening and the support person helped me although it was close the bed time. I like the relationship building that I get by owners like James Holmes, Tony Tezak, and yes Tim Tech. I like “Adkreator”.
    I like the interaction this blog post has received.

  26. @Patsy j Payne
    hi Patsy.
    I think you might have misinterpreted my last post slightly.
    I like all the things you like – believe me. Social is, in my opinion, the life-blood of this industry.

    The viewpoints expressed in quotes in my pevious comment above are not my views but those of another person who commented on this blog.

    I was simply commenting on that previous comment!

    I hope that makes sense.


  27. Now I probably will hear a lot of flack for my comments, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I thought I would post mine. I am one of those that probably is in the minority and not the majority when it comes to using traffic exchanges.

    I do like traffic exchanges that offer different things to do, but that’s not the bottom line for me it’s performance. If my websites are not getting shown or shown very little that’s no good for me. I need results because at the end of the day it’s a business and I have to pay the bills.

    If a no frills traffic exchange performs for me I will be there. To be honest I only surf like five main traffic exchanges. They do not have the biggest number of members, but consistently give me results week in and week out. I guess I already told you I am about results.

    Great post Jon and always love reading your posts keep up the good work.


  28. Jon,

    Great post and the point is right on. Creativity is the difference between successful and failing exchanges.

    That creativity can come in a variety of forms. You guys have blown up the whole way an exchange operates with Sweeva. Obviously very creative.

    Owners need to find what the differentiation point of their exchange is. What makes your exchange different and unique? Every exchange needs to be unique to get support by the best members. Everyone who uses your exchange should know what that point is. It should be obvious because it is the focus of the owner and the marketing messages.

    If you are actively using traffic exchanges, you can probably tell me the unique position of any top exchange that you use. Here are my 3 exchanges and the unique position, as an example:

    WebBizInsider – Established exchange with unique downline emailer that makes it a list builder and traffic exchange in one.

    TopTierTraffic – Earn Your Way To The Top by earning Position Points and raising your position in the dynamic matrix each week.

    SplashPageSurfer – Easiest to use traffic exchange with point and click setup of splash pages, sites, banners, and text ads from the integrated downline builder.

    If, over time, you lose your unique position, because others have added those features to their exchanges, then you need to keep innovating to stay unique.

    Keep up the great stuff.


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