The Experiment – Week 2

And here we go….

So the game plan for the week is as follows:

1. I’ll be promoting this squeeze page. Which is familiar to many but I changed the video. I will mess with the background color and switch it up if I’m not getting any results from it. If there is zero action after a day or two, I’ll completely re-design the page.

2. My game plan for the first test, is to send 10,000 hits to the page. This will give me a good judge of how effective my promotion is. That’s not all I will be sending, it’s just what I want to send to test out if there are any action takers out there paying attention 😉

3. I will update the blog throughout the week on my progress! So do check back often….

Thanks for taking part in this little experiment and I hope we can finally put all the debates to rest…Traffic exchanges work and work VERY well, if you use them properly…That’s what I want to prove with all this work 🙂

Super Quick Update: New subscriber already, that’s about 5 minutes after I started promoting the new video squeeze page 🙂

Another Update: After thinking about Leone’s comments, she was spot on. So I changed up the squeeze page, capture form and added the video to it. I think people might be too familiar with this page so I changed things up…So I will now be split testing the original squeeze page as well as the new one.

Update Feb. 21: 24 hours after starting the campaign I have received 5 new subscribers. So far, it looks like it’s working 🙂

Update Feb. 22:
Urgh bad day for me on two fronts….One I was in bed most of the day with a stomach bug and couldn’t do as much as I would have liked and because of that, we only got 2 new subscribers. Not bad but was hoping for more than that. Brings our total to 7 right now.

Update Feb. 23
: A much better day today. We added 4 new subscribers so far, but I expect more throughout the evening! Total up to 11 subscribers.

Update Feb. 25: Nice day and a half! Added another 5 subscribers, bringing the total to 16 with another 2 days to go. We should hit at least 20!

Jon Olson

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13 thoughts to “The Experiment – Week 2”

  1. I’d be interested to see what happens if you split test with a new design. My thoughts are that surfers get so used to seeing the same thing over and over and only stop when they see something new that grabs their attention. You might find a better reaction to a totally new design rather than just swapping out the video. I know for myself due to having kids in the house when I surf that I surf with the sound turned off….

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking of even just doing something like a white background instead of the black one. Easy fix for sure. Haven’t gotten anymore subscribers after that first one…

  2. Interesting Jon. And I would tend to agree with Leone except for one things….I’m thinking of Jerry Iannacci who has been using the same landing pages for about as long as I can remember. Which makes for a very interesting debate. I say this as I need to go in and adjust and tweak my landing pages. I’m curious to see what people think.


  3. Finishing up on my spalsh design and am going to launch my equal yet lesser known persona on Friday, I dont need to know what the results are going to be…. because guess what ……The result is in the Method….I will running a split of 2 different, one with video, branding and and one without to quantify the difference between branding and just being a standard ho hum

      1. The unbranded will be rolling out today , Im on “vacation” so Friday has turned into saturday. Going to hit it hard for a week and then push the video
        squeeze I wanted to use the exact same squeeze and just switch the text to a video. After those first 2 weeks I will tweek and switch things up as I am going to use Landing Page Monkey for the next set just to see how the pages designed there perform.

        1. After thinking I wanted to further test this in the safelists and viral mailers to gain a comparison of conversion vs traffic exchanges, I set the promotion out of the unbranded squeeze page about 2 hours ago and here is what I have already, really going to be exciting to see what happens when I push the video squeeze, I am going to aim for about 15,000 hits on each type of platform

          1. That is awesome man. Reminded me to stop being lazy and get my stuff out in the safelists more. These little experiments are a pretty good test for both of us….I was worried lol But now I’m not at all!

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