The Fastest Way To Be A Success, Is To Go Slow

My partner and buddy Tim Linden said something a few months ago in a video we did and it really got me thinking about how people ‘get’ online business. You see, Tim said this “the quickest way to make money online is to take your time” and it’s so true. We see this happen time and time again, people try to rush through things, they look for the quick fix for their income situation and when things don’t ‘happen’ right away….People give up.

Here’s a few examples of the power of ‘taking your time’ and focusing on ever green products. First a huge ‘way to go’ has to go to Monika Tuttle. Monika came into TE Live this week and had some great news. She has hit a milestone and is now making about 30 bucks a day from her evergreen products. Wow! But here’s the key to this story…It took her between 2-3 years and she DIDN’T GIVE UP! Now she’s building her income and while this compounds, the numbers will grow. Awesome stuff Monika, congrats!!!

Next is someone who started with CTP in November and concentrated ONLY on the ever green products. She only has 12 referrals but check out the awesome increase (slow and steadily mind you)….This shows me how powerful sticking to things can be. Way to go Sharmila!

Sadly, people won’t see that this takes time and focus. And the worst thing, people will jump from program to programs without giving anything any time to mature. And guess what, every time someone starts again, it’s back at step one…

So like Tim says, the quickest way to see results is to take your time. And I’ll add this as well…Focus on the evergreen products and you will build a solid foundation for years to come.

Jon Olson

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14 thoughts to “The Fastest Way To Be A Success, Is To Go Slow”

  1. Fantastic post Jon and so Spot on..
    You know we live in such a fast paced Drive through McDonald’s
    Microwave society, where everyone want’s it yesterday without actually doing what it takes.

    Truly Folks to do this the right way you really need to focus on making this a 2 to 5 year plan with many milestones of achievement along the way.An incremental approach with focus and persistence will certainly save you much heartache along the way.

    The constant jumping from program to program will only add to the frustration. I give the analogy of, for the next couple hours jump with your legs to everywhere you go (mailbox,laundry,bathroom so on and so on).How long is it before your legs wear out??

    Same thing applies to your online marketing life, jump from program to program and tell me how long it takes before you have broken both your bank account and mental faculties.

    Hat’s off to Monika Tuttle for what she has accomplished and to the wonderful webinar she did explaining her systematic approach last evening.

    That you again for all you do Jon and this great Post.

    Ernie Pinard (ethicalernie)
    Choice Management Coach

  2. Thanks Ernie – Yeah man, this really is the age of microwave dinners and drive thru meals. Maybe the more people see how to really get ahead is to take their time, more people will see results.

  3. Thanks for posting this Jon. This is so awesome what Monika has accomplished! This gives all of us that haven’t got anywhere allot of hope. And I examine myself to make sure I am doing everything correctly taught from you and CTP.

  4. Nice member highlight Jon.

    We were honored to have Monika as our special guest last night at TE AfterDark. She dropped some valuable information for those in attendance. Slow and steady she has made it to the fun part.

    I don’t know Sharmila, yet, but I have noticed her ads online and I am looking forward to watching her business grow.

    Keep it simple and remember to Focus!

  5. Barbara – Me telling people it took me 3-4 years of spinning my wheels isn’t what this industry needs. It needs more people like Monika standing up and telling folks it can happen, it just takes time. =)

    Cathy – thank you kindly and I agree. She’s rocking it and doing the little things that will pay off huge down the road.

  6. My philosophy has been get rich slow… the faster it grows the quicker it will fall! We are looking for diamonds in the rough. If we got glass to polish they would simply shatter… Slow and steady will go a long way! The key is to be consistent! Having a vision of what you want to accomplish and focusing on completing that will go along way. If you find yourself drifting from focus do a correction. It is only critical for an airplane to be on course when it lands… all of the other times it will be corrections to make the plane on target.

    Thank you,

  7. One of the main problems that I can see is that people come online with the attitude that “I want money and I want money now.”

    Earlier today I saw another good example of this on Twitter – actually I think it was something you tweeted – where someone said “I want make money online and not spend money online.”

    As long as people have the mentality that the internet is some magical place where people can make money without spending any or without doing any work or without putting in any time or effort then we will have people who don’t make any money online.

    Yes it does typically take years to make money online and that is a message that many people simply don’t want to hear.


  8. There are so many different ways to make money online and it can take a little “program hopping” to find something that fits your skills and interests. It really helps if you enjoy your work and have fun at building your business.

    Proper goal setting has been a key factor in the advancement of my online business. Along with the goal setting is recognition of achievements and milestones.

    Patience and persistence are also important factors when building a business. A successful entrepreneur will possess a quality that I refer to as “stick-to-it-tiveness”.

    Always keep learning, track your progress, and make sure that you do a little bit every day. Once you find something that works for you, focus more time and attention to that venture and then expand on it. If you build a solid foundation for success, you are destined to succeed.


  9. Hi Jon,

    I have one of those dumb questions. What do you mean by evergreen products? I’ve heard the term but not sure I know what it is…or maybe I did read it somewhere and it has escaped the grey matter. And maybe some new people don’t know either.


  10. Not only slow and steady, but as you pointed out, focused. Stop chasing the shinny objects, and focus your energy as you go along. The turtle only ran one race that he won, not trying to run two at once, or changed his course. So yes, slow and steady, but focused.

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated.

    Nick – Evergreen products are considered things that you will use as much in a year from now as you do today. For example, tools like auto responders, hosting, ad kreator (splash page designers), tracking tools (te toolbox)….The non-sexy stuff that gets the job done =)

  12. Jon I’m in this for the long haul there are no jobs where i live so this is all i have I’m here however long it takes

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