The Final Results – The Experiment Has Ended

After 2 weeks of promoting nothing but this blog through splash pages and squeeze pages, I’ve stopped tracking the results to see where we ended up. Here are some numbers from the ‘experiment’:

– We added 19 new subscribers in the first 7 days which was remarkable simply because we never promoted the lead capture page. All we promoted was this page! And because of that, attention was generated and people actually CAME to the blog just from that video page.

– This past week, from the 20th to the 27th we added 20 new subscribers after we switched from video splash page to squeeze page. (Click this to see the screen shot of the new subscribers)

– We sent 20,000 hits to two versions of the squeeze page, the white background squeeze page generated 13 new subscribers and the black background generated 7.

I did not spend a dime on advertising, these hits were generated by my own surfing and some downline referral credits earned. But absolutely no money was spent to promote the sites.

So at first glance, these are not huge conversion numbers but still 1 subscriber per 1000 page views is good, which seems to be the industry average. And while some folks will say this is really low, I’m pretty happy with that.

The lower conversions are a direct result of the culture that exists within traffic exchanges as a whole. And without getting into it too much, the way to increase conversions is two fold.

1. Train and teach people on what works in their traffic exchange advertising. Hint hint, add video to your squeeze pages!!!

2. And changing the mind set of the surfer within the industry. Get them out of the penny surfing mentality and focus on building lists.

And if we can generate 20 leads in a week, and our funnels are set up properly….Wow! Over 1000 new subscribers in a year! That’s a whole lot of potential! Back end selling, relationship building, and proper affiliate marketing would be the new culture for the surfers.

Instead of surfing for pennies, they would be surfing for real results and a solid affiliate marketing business.

Let’s get back to what these programs are GREAT for…Branding your name / business and building your list! For free traffic, they are STILL hard to beat!

P.S. Be sure to check out Tim Hanson’s experiment as well. He’s following the same model and split testing some squeeze pages. According to Tim, 48 hours after promoting his pages, he’s up to 8 new subscribers!!! That’s powerful stuff!

Jon Olson

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6 thoughts to “The Final Results – The Experiment Has Ended”

  1. Glad to hear you’re building your list, and seeing results! Great job Jon! Us Jon’s have to make sure we rise above and show other’s how to build, with our great leadership skills;)

  2. Great results Jon! So shall we be seeing more of the white background squeeze page? I’m starting to believe that we need to be swapping and changing our pages regularly in order for surfers to notice our promotions.

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