The H.E.N. Top 10

Here is a list of my favorite traffic exchanges right now in the industry! Every single program owner on this list CARES about traffic exchanges and your results! You are in good hands with every program on this list…

the hit exchange news top 10

  1. EasyHits4U
  2. SiteXplosion
  3. CruisinXchange
  4. Top Flight Traffic
  5. TE Wiz
  6. Manual Hits
  7. Global Hits 2 U
  8. Social Surf 4 U
  9. Sound Surf Live
  10. Cup Of Traffic

Special Note: You may notice four programs not on this list… I Love Hits, StartXchange, ThumbVu and Sweeva aren’t on my top 10 list because I own them. While they are fantastic programs, my Top 10 list since 2003 has highlighted OTHER owners in this business.

39 thoughts to “The H.E.N. Top 10”

  1. Hi Jon

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in having my TE on the list. I remember the ‘old’ days when we use to wait eagerly for Jon’s weekly ranking. šŸ™‚

  2. What about the Award of Excellence? Is that still active? I have not seen that page for a while. Still the images out there but would like to see the award getting handed out again.

  3. Wow cool I loved the HEN days where we would wait for the top 10 to hit the inbox šŸ™‚

    Great to see races listed too šŸ™‚ Keep up the good work and thanks for bringing back a blast from the past šŸ™‚

  4. Thanks guys, this is just my opinion. Remember, it’s not the be all end all, but it’s a list of owners who are doing great things and in my opinion, the best managed programs around.

  5. Hi Jon!

    Thanks for the list. This is a helpful information that I could use to draft my daily surfing plans. I appreciate all the expert tips that you’ve been sharing with everyone!


  6. LOL I’m confused too but happy to be – Traffic-Splash is number one again! šŸ™‚

    thanks Jon and glad splash is working well for ya – and TTP too!

    Last time I looked splash was 4 I think – and I hadn’t noticed any email about changes. unlike me to miss an email – whether i’m ill or offline or not lol

    I looked at the retweets – have you gone back to changing it each Thursday?

  7. Thanks Jon for the great job you guys do for the industry. I cant wait to one day see Super Traffic Highway added to this list. I’m steadily making improvements to the site to make it more enjoyable to all and deliver the hits daily in large numbers.

  8. Dig the list. Agree with most of it. Especially legacy, showbiz, topflight, and sitexplosion. Just maybe not in the order of appearance. But that’s all subjective.

    Great job as usual my friend.

  9. I remember the early days when there were traffic reports and in-depth discussions about various exchanges.

    I guess you have moved upward Jon with other endeavors which is nice to see, congratulations!

    The industry has EXPLODED since those early days and an in-depth review would require a f/t effort I suppose…

  10. Man. I started reading some of the comments, then started scrolling back and forth…then realized it was an old header with new info…:)

    FWIW I agree with your list, at least for the most part…

  11. Hi Jon
    Great resource just came across this! What is your opinion on Traffic Monsoon? Seems to be growing in popularity amongst people I know in the TE industry.

    Going to order your book!



  12. So cool Jon, I was just checking my profit tracker and discovered signups coming from H.E.N and found that they were from this page. Thanks so much for adding having TE Search in your top 10! I appreciate all your support.

  13. My ‘semi zynic’ advice is: Grab yourselfs a free Splash Page (better add an Auto- Responder and make it a Squeeze) at EasyHits make your own Promo following This List and send @least 250 Hisiters there…
    Wait what you have in 1 week. PM me if you need ANY help with that šŸ˜‰

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