The Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom

This is a sad reality…

90% of the people that read this blog post…Won’t change. They won’t embrace proven techniques and strategies. They will continue to spin their wheels and scratch their heads while asking themselves ‘Where did it all go wrong?’

And that’s because internet marketing is designed like that! It’s designed to keep you in a loop and never ending cycle of failure! It keeps the ‘little guy‘ in a ‘little guy mentality‘. It doesn’t promote growth. It promotes staying the same….

Let me introduce you to something…

I call this the Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom πŸ˜‰

If you look on the left side of the (horribly hand drawn) graphic, you’ll see the ‘typical’ internet marketing mindset that happens at about month 2 or 3 of joining the next big opportunity online.

This mindset includes things like…

– Canceling subscriptions to Evergreen products
– Then giving up on Evergreen products and/or the new opportunity
– Playing the
Blame Game and pointing fingers at everyone but the mirror
– And finally, returning to find a brand new shiny object….Ready to be promoted.

Rinse and repeat…

The cycle commences yet again and you are trapped in the vortex…It’s never ending blame games while giving up over and over and then of course, having to start again in a brand new program….

But then there are the few…

Who go against the grain and against the flow while saying things like I’m going to try something a little different. I’m going to use these crazy concepts like +1 and start to build a business with long term goals and vision.

Then ‘crazy’ things like this start to happen…

– Growth
– Progress
– Success

Just by changing one habit, every single day…These new marketers and business people are seeing the fruits of their labor. They are making decisions that help their business and improve their results over time while the herd continues into the vortex of doom.

So I have a question for you…Would you rather start to see results in your business? Growth? Progress and ultimately success? Just by changing one simple thing you are doing today?

Or do you wanna go hang out with the masses in the Vortex?

The choice is yours….I choose +1 every single day!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

16 thoughts to “The Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom”

  1. Nice post. Wonder how many are going to take the plus 1 path? I know I have been down the Vortex a few times myself and thankfully learned the wrong ways. It only took about 5 years. I wish I was as mature then as I am now business wise.

    1. And the beauty of it man…All it takes in just stepping to the right when everyone goes left….+1 and bam!!!!! You are out of the vortex πŸ™‚

  2. Whats in it for you if I join??

    Thats the mosr common question i have gotten true all the years online,

    But that I dont ask people..or business persons.

    I found this interesting reading.

    Keep on going Jon – And the rest!


  3. “Then β€˜crazy’ things like this start to happen…

    – Growth
    – Progress
    – Success”

    This made me smile the way you said CRAZY

    I bet an individual that has been jumping programs, but, finally stops and works towards a long term goal will have a CRAZY experience, such as experiencing alien things as growth, progress, and success πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Jon this is Great!!! I love it! Perfect image for it and very creative! The Internet Marketing Vortex of Doooooommmmm. It could be the title of a horror movie lol. Cool let’s make a horror movie about it πŸ™‚

  5. Great, in your face and absolutely true blog post. To think the tide will change is probably reaching for the stars but little by little its making a difference.

  6. The Vortex of Doom, love it. As you point out there is another way, one that requires a small change every day one that is based on a dream or a why. Taking personal responsibility for your condition short circuits the Vortex of Doom. Being responsible means you can’t blame others, but also that you understand that you control the process of your success.


  7. Hi Jon,
    Love the +1 Success Site and Book. You mention going to live events as one of the ways to grow an online business. That’s a fantastic idea. However, it would be very helpful if you could add a resource list to the +1 site with some of the live events you attend/have attended/ will attend and find particularly helpful. I was trying to search around but unsure what to really look for. Thanks a bunch for all you do to help in this industry.

    1. Hey there Lisa,

      Jon’s out of town right now but I think I can probably answer your question since he & I attend most of the same ones (or have them). I’m going to post this without direct links so the comment won’t hit the spam filter, but you can probably figure out the actual links.

      First & foremost – Jon hosts Traffic Exchange Live on Monday thru Thursday (and sometimes on Fridays) at 4pm Eastern – it’s at trafficexchangelive dot com (although he won’t be having it again until July 24th or 29th when he’s back in town).

      The Cash Surfing Network guys (i.e., the Legacy Team) have a webinar at 6pm Eastern every weekday here: vokle dot com and then follow that address with this: /series/43585-csn-time

      Russell Stockley hosts the teaching/training show Fresh four days a week and his Cuppa Time game show, where he gives out prizes of free advertising, at 5pm Eastern here: for Fresh, cashconnections dot org and then follow that address with this: /fresh/ … and for Cuppa Time, cupoftraffic dot com and then follow that address with this: /cuppa-time/

      Marian Gurowicz has a weekly self-development webinar on Wednesdays at 7pm Eastern here: and then follow with this: /LivingWealthyShow/

      Tony Tezak has a live webcast once a month on Wednesdays at 9pm Eastern: tezaktrafficpower dot com and then follow with this: /webinar.html

      And I have my Traffic Break Trivia game show (more free advertising given away) weekly on Saturdays at 6pm Eastern: vokle dot com and then follow with this:/series/43588-traffic-break-trivia

      That’s most of the ones I go to regularly and Jon too – at most of those venues you can follow the host in order to get an email notification sent to you when the show’s starting or about to start.

      If you are on Skype, you can also ask Brenda @ TimTech to add you to the TE Live Skype room – almost everyone posts a notice in there when their show is about to start.

      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

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