The Most Important Aspect Of Your Business Is…

Here’s a brand new video blog post for your viewing enjoyment…I hope you understand how important of a topic this is for me and my business. I cannot even stress how important this is…Hopefully the video you will be able to see how passionate I am about it =)

What are your thoughts about this? How important is design to your business?

Jon Olson

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11 thoughts to “The Most Important Aspect Of Your Business Is…”

  1. Hey Jon,

    What your saying is dead on. If you click on my name you’ll see my latest Adkreator creation which was inspired by one of the CTP training videos.

  2. Darren – yessir, for sure!

    Steve – Awesome man, great to here you are enjoying the videos but more importantly taking action on them.

  3. Jon, I totally agree with you. Although I am not a fan of Apple products, I agree with you on design is very important. Thanks for your post and I look forward to more. Awesome Sauce Stuff. lol

  4. Hi Jon I totally agree with you on the design needing to look good. Thanks for talking about this because it is very important for our splash pages to have the best look possible. And this cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time. I am still working on mine.

    Barb 🙂

  5. 4 keys aspects in a business:
    1) customer support
    2) design / look feel
    3) marketing
    4) execution of above
    Graphic look and feel are key but making it work is right behind that! Because if it does work then customer support becomes an issue… That makes marketing the product or process easy! But, once again a good design to market is important. If you don’t execute on all aspects the rest does not really matter…

    Thank you,

  6. Hi Jon,
    This is great advice…in fact this design lesson is so important the video should be taken straight from here and moved directly to the next available free spot for the CTP login lessons.


  7. Hi Jon

    I agreee with Patrick, this is login lesson good.

    If your website or splash page looks cheap or unprofessional then no matter how good your product is then you will be losing sales. Just look at the crap over hyped salespages, they convert so well because they fool you into thinking that something is cool and sexy based on the way it looks.

    Good product and good design makes for a very profitable combination.


  8. You only get one chance to make a first impression . . .

    Good graphics are a must, and the good news is that you can get top quality artwork for very reasonable prices.

    I used to make my own graphics – and they were OK but nothing eye-popping good, so now I outsource all of my artwork to people that have a talent for graphic design. Don’t use mediocre artwork just to save a buck.

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