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The Most Important Blog Post Ever

Online business! Affiliate marketing! Traffic exchanges! Viral mailers!

We all come online with the hopes of creating a real income from our efforts but the truth is, most will either give up after a month or two…Or end up spending their entire budget on gadgets and gizmos that don’t do anything for their bottom line…

I put together this blog post, to go over the 4 things you must have in your online business that, when used properly, can develop a long term residual income for years to come…And the best part is this is specifically targeted to affiliate marketing / traffic exchange users. If you have been mindlessly clicking without any results, please bookmark and re-read this blog post!

I know it’ll help you, because when I followed the ‘4 tips‘, it changed my life forever;

1. The Autoresponder – This isn’t a debate! This is the single most important tool you will ever invest in for your online business. The money may be in the list, but the fortune truly is in the follow up and relationships you build through your list. Programs come and go, opportunities rise and fall…But nothing, is as important to your business as your mailing list!

2. The Analytics Tool – You need to know what works when you are advertising. Does squeeze page A perform better than squeeze page B? How will you allocate your marketing budget if you don’t know what actually delivers results? The analytics tools is your secret weapon!

3. The Brand – Your personal brand is CRITICAL! People end up doing business with those they know, like and trust..And developing your brand through blogging, social media, a community like CTP, forums, squeeze pages, or traffic exchanges is so important for your future! Your number one job online is to get people to know, like and trust you! And then take the time and effort to build those relationships…

4. The Right Attitude – This doesn’t cost a penny, but can end up costing you the world! Here’s the sad truth, 99% of you that read this blog post may not be involved in online business in a year from now. Mostly because you give up and don’t stay the course in what you are starting today! So it’s critical that you BREAK the norm and develop a long term vision for your success! Be around people that encourage success, encourage growth and start thinking BIG!

These are 4 things you may have heard my partners and I talk about for years! Or maybe it’s the first time you have heard it…But rest assured, these truths never go out of style.

They are critical to your long term growth and success online. Follow them, and you WILL see the fruits of your labor start to blossom and grow. Ignore them, and you may become another statistic in the rough world of online business…

Jon Olson

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