The Most Important T.E. Live I’ve Ever Done…

I hope you all had a chance to swing by Traffic Exchange Live on Tuesday, if not the recording is below for you to check out…To call it ‘epic’ would be an understatement. I was honored to have Tony Tezak as my special guest and as Tony needs no introduction, we jumped right into it…

Some of the important points that Tony made really got me thinking…

What happened to the people in the traffic exchanges that were looking for the opportunities? We have seemed to lose our way over the years and had to cater to the ‘penny surfer’ in order to compete.

We have lost the business mindset that saw Tony launch TezakTrafficPower to tens of thousands of people in a few short days after it’s release. Now we pat ourselves on the back for a launch of 2000…

We have settled for less.

Tony also brought up key points like the importance of learning basic HTML, having your own blog / domain name and of course, investing in an auto responder.

These weren’t up for debate for Mr. Tezak…These were MUST HAVE tools when you get started. Like he did, even like I did…

Yet, we settle for less.

We hear excuses about people not wanting to invest in those must have tools found in the Pizza Plan but we want to make all the money in the world. We want it all for free, right now, without any effort.

Again, we settle for less…

I truly hope people see how powerful these programs can be if we focus more on our own businesses like Tony has done for years and truly stay the course. I hope you enjoy the interview…I had a blast hosting it!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

28 thoughts to “The Most Important T.E. Live I’ve Ever Done…”

  1. I do appreciate you inviting me to TE LIve for the interview. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Think we were able to pass on some very good info. 🙂

  2. It was truly an incredible interview. I have looked up to both Jon and Tony for so many years and this was great to sit down and have a one on one. Thanks to you both for all that you do and have done over the years!

  3. It was the best of Internet Strategy 101. Like all condensed. You guys did great. I hope more people were taking notes cause this “Nerd” was. .

  4. That was a really great interview with Tony yesterday Jon! I love it! I did have a question and might have missed the answer, but why did people starting giving away so much? That started the big decline and the free mentality. Do you know why? Look at what it’s caused. Thanks Jon. 🙂

    1. It’s a good question Barb. I think it was when Jackpot Surfing first appeared. People got away from ‘business promoting’ and focused on surfing for cash. Not the only reason, but I think that’s when the mind set really changed.

    2. Barb. That’s easy to answer. It all began when Te Land slammed the door to Home Business MLM, bashing any legit home based business that pays more than one level. Pushing false positive marketing that members can’t refer to earn from lower level pay lines, but only to self market and focus on personal signups that requires mass personal referrals.

      With that said, that also means that each personal referral would also need to duplicate to earn with self promoting for personal signups to earn personal commissions.

      That means that your first level referrals would need to refer others for commissions of which would be your non earning 2nd level and this will proceed to infinity level by level.

      As you stated the flood gate mentality started when the targeting of 3rd world countries of which easyhits4u paying the .30 cents per 1,000 and other Te owners under the illusion of beefing up their body count with new members.

      Then the races are off, the race to the bottom with bottom feeders.

      Then you have the Te Script pushers making their cash and those commissions seeking pushers, get your own Te and their you have it.

      As Tony T stated, now you have tens of thousands of Te’s bribing join now for .10 / .50 / 1.00 of which is easy to do cause the majority will never have to pay out those commissions.

  5. Thank you Jon and Tony! You guys rock! I am working with a lot of new owners on how to grow their TEs. I will be sharing this recorded Spreecast with them for sure….:D

  6. It was Awesome having Tony at TE Live. It was interesting hearing his history, but more important was all the nuggets that were dropped.

  7. Just watched this, and I have to agree that the TE Niche has gotten a bit too much like the world of PTC where it’s all about making small amounts of cash with no long term plan to actually grow a business and promote real products that teach you how to achieve long term success.

    It would also help if all owners only promoted their one exchange in the same way that Tony does, and the only reason I join sites now is for the launch XP bonus or some other bride.

    The point not mentioned was that you need to find a copywriter who can sell TE’s to the general public, and start buying the JVZoo products that talk about traffic. In all of the facebook ads I see and retargeting adverts on big commercial websites not one of them has been for a Traffic Exchange.

    If you own a site and want to expand that is a much better future than chasing the penny clickers.


    1. Andrew, I think it is a very poor reason to join a program just for XP or a bribe. WOW! I like to think folks do a little research and see who is opening the program, what’s their track record, what’s the design like and does the program has a shot at succeeding. If the only reason I’m joining a program is for the XP or bribe – I’ll pass.

      1. I know it’s a poor reason Tony, and that’s why I’ve let most of my upgrades lapse and I’ve found that I get my best results from my CTP badge opt-in page. Promoting other things has resulted in very poor results for me, so I’ve found that giving people what they’re looking for works best.

        It would be interesting if some of the more established sites were to run a referral contest and see who could bring in the most new members? This would be more interesting than just seeing new sites launching and giving the limited current pool of surfers even more choice of where to surf. If they were to try and bring in totally new surfers the industry may get back to the days of being able to generate 100 new referrals per day.


        1. We’ll have a referral contest in July in coordination with our 6th year anniversary 🙂 It will only take one referral to be eligible for the draw for prizes 🙂 Referrals, Upgrades, Credits and Cash will be involved 🙂

          1. Knowing your audience. That’s why we do what we do. We understand gamification and how important it is for people to ‘win’ like you were saying Tony.

            I agree that we need to bring people back to ‘business’ but that will happen if we focus on the people, and not the pennies.

      2. Tony T.

        I have to disagree on the point when you say do a little research who is opening a program. I’m assuming that you mean a traffic exchange. I’m not going to waste my time doing research who owns a TE and do a background check per say on some Te.

        Traffic exchanges needs to get back to what they really are. One of many ways for home base income seekers to advertise.

        As you stated, it’s the site owners business and it’s their place to advertise their business, I don’t let site owners use me to build their business for them as I’ve always had the business mentality of Earn Big or Go Home.and to only work programs that pays more than one level and earn via partnership leveraging.

  8. Enjoyed the interview Tony T. I want to thank you for validating what I’ve stated for years that everyone needs their own personal business domain, website and learning easy Html.

    However, I will have to disagree with owning a personal domain for many reasons and you’re correct for anyone owning a silly domain too.

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