The Next Big Thing? Personal Video Splash Pages

We did these cool little video splash pages for ClickTrackProfit a few weeks ago and the general idea behind them (as well as most of our training at TE Live and T3) is to get people out of their shell and understand how powerful video promotion can be.

The message has only still been adopted by a select few folks online and I guess, it’s normal. You see, for years the traffic exchange industry has been passionately explaining to it’s members the power of personal branding. You see can see from people putting their real names and photos on splash pages. This was actually a practice introduced to the industry years ago by the late Doug Williams who ALWAYS talked about how important it was for people to be seen.

That was then…Video is now! Just recently TopHits4U started a referral contest where they added the ability for you to add your own YouTube video to a splash page. Along with the custom video splash pages at CTP, are we seeing the start of a new way for members to promote?

I would argue yes, and the more people get comfortable behind a video camera, the more results they will see. Why? Simple, people get to ‘know’ you when they see your face on camera. Hey, I know it’s a scary thought, to put yourself out there like that but it works.

Take for example this past Monday at T3 where James Dias discussed how from video alone, he built his brand from being basically ‘unknown’ about 6 months ago, to being a fellow Nerd in TimTech…Video folks, it works and it works SO well!

The first step though, starts with you. Why not try a custom video splash page at CTP or TopHits4U and see how powerful it can be. People will get to know you, they will start to like you even more and *gasp* something called trust will begin to form.

Go try it, you’ll love it!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

18 thoughts to “The Next Big Thing? Personal Video Splash Pages”

  1. Another great post Jon.

    And regarding the CTP videos…I think this is the best move that has come out of CTP since the introduction of the login lessons.

    “So,” you may say, “why have you not done a personal CTP video splash page yet?”

    Well it is on the way.

    The idea has been sketched out on paper and will have it online soon.

    Now that I have told you (and all your blog readers) that I will do it, I can hardly back out now!


  2. LOL Thanks man, yeah I was pretty pumped when we launched it. I am not surprised that more people haven’t used them tho. It took up until now to talk people into using their real name and pictures, and still a chunk don’t do that….Personal video pages may take some time, but those that are using them, are seeing big results!

  3. Great Post Jon. I am going to send it to my small subscribers list! I don’t like my video and post my splash page design more. I guess I better advertise my video more too, except I get very irritated by videos myself when I am surfing and turn them off lol.

  4. I have been thinking about doing some videos, like Patrick I have some ideas… So watch this space. The trust factor is important and I believe videos can help break down the barriers. Good post and good info… I’m looking forward to seeing what other members come up with too… Thanks Jon.

  5. OK John, Are you going to do a “How to put make a video for your Splash Page” series now? I wish you would. I know I would need one. My kids are always saying,
    “MOM, All you do is talk about the internet all day.”
    “Why don’t you make a video?”
    I just freeze.
    So where do I start?

    Love your post.


  6. Howdy Jon, yes indeed, videos, videos, videos! That is no doubt another game changer for a lot of people. Just being your self, no scrip to read, just talk from the heart as if it is just you and one other person. Ya gotta love this nudge from the Eagles Nest!
    Sam and Deb Burgess
    Mabank, Texas

  7. May the good Lord bless us and save us!

    The thought of andio/video splash pages becoming the norm in traffic exchanges sends a paralyzing chill up my spine. Why Jon, with everyone running such resource-hungry splashes through the system, we’ll all have to invest in $10,000 computers to avoid the slowdowns, hangups, crashes, feezes, and complete burnouts! (That’s comedic exaggeration, of course!)

    I’m all for A/V as a marketing tool in general, but I’m against its use as splash pages. I’m especially against the autostart variety. They are a nusiance to surfers, most of whom shield themselves from the invasive interruptions by installing Mozilla’s A/V filter or by turning off their speakers. Who gains in that scenario?

    I’ve argued this point before and was met with considerable resistance from marketers who use A/V. The support I got came from surfers; their input is described in the preceding paragraph.

    Let me say this. I think A/V could be a good idea if managed in a two-step system. The system would consist of a traditional splash pointing to a secondary page where the A/V is contained. Interested surfers could then view at their leisure while those who are not could surf without interruption.

    Or, if you can’t hold yourself back from putting your video in a splash, why not give surfers the option of clicking the start button? Surely a presentation attractive enough to elicit such a response can be created!

    I now wait for the dissenters’ fury to descend on my head. In the meantime, cheers to you and the team.

  8. I heard Jon mention that someone is against using video on autoplay in particular. My response is run no script in firefox if you want to prevent video from running.

    Then everyone is happy 🙂

    Marcus Wahl

  9. I agree with Gary on this. Having Auto-start videos playing on all the TEs all the time would be a nightmare for surfers!
    The more, there are a lot of valid reasons why people do not want to put their face and real name on a video. Especially if You are new and starting out and trying different things and so You want to be sure a programme is legit and “works” BEFORE associating Your good name with it!
    If You still have a real life job but look for opportunities online or if You are known in Your local community to work in a completely different field You sometimes don’t want that Your current boss, real-life co-workers, clients or close friends find out (yet) that You are dissatisfied with Your current job and are looking for a different job and opportunitiy elsewhere!
    There are a lot of valid reasons why people don’t want to brand themselves and put their face on a video or website (at least not in the beginning)!
    And having all these home-made low-quality videos where people sit in T-Shirts in front of their computer in their kitchen or living-room presenting an opportunity doesn’t help much to make an impression to be serious and professional internet marketers either!

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone, I appreciate them very much.

    However the last bit that you put Marcus, I had to comment…

    I’m a guy, who sits in boxer shorts most of the day. I wear t-shirts each and every day in front of the camera.

    And here’s the funny thing…I actually detest ‘professional’ looking and sounding videos.

    I prefer real people.

    Real people behind the camera, talking to me like a real person.

    It’s the new era in business. Being in a suit doesn’t mean you are any more ‘professional’…In fact, who wears a suit in their kitchen anyways? We are all trying to work from our kitchen tables right?

  11. “”””””And having all these home-made low-quality videos where people sit in T-Shirts in front of their computer in their kitchen or living-room presenting an opportunity doesn’t help much to make an impression to be serious and professional internet marketers either!””””””””

    I would much rather see these people than to see the “professional marketers” with their BiG fancy Car and their Manson….

    I can relate to these video’s of real people but not the canned video’s

    To each their own but I know that I and a lot of people will not be buying from someone hiding behind a screen name…. I only buy from PEOPLE… that I know like and trust….


  12. Well first I’d like to say excellent article Jon. Then I would like to add that Gary and Marcus ar way off the mark, surfing a video splash requires minimal resources you dont need super computer to do so, and knowing that a traffic excahnge owner uses noscript … wow is all I can say, just knowing that would and will deter me from using that exchange just because of the simple fact I now know the owner encourages viewing my pages in a maner that wasnt intended when i created them.
    Being on cam isnt a fashion show nor is it a privelage saved for someone that has an expensive cam, it is a way for people to step foreward and present themselves in a comfortable manor and introduce to the collective a new expressive business owner. The clothes they wear are irrelevant, listen to the mesage and see the person, not the material surrounding.
    I for one feel a stronger bond or trust in someones words when i can see them talking to me, it takes the business relationship to the next level.

  13. Wow – nice post Jon – BUT……..

    I tend to agree with a lot of what Gary Hoddinott & Marcus said.

    I personally hate these videos that start the minute that it loads up. As a multiple page surfer (10 tabs at a time – most probably like most surfers), they are sometimes finished by the time I get back to that page. So, now I’ve missed the message and will I join that program?……..No!!!! Will I reload that page?….No!!! Simply because I’ve got no idea what was advertised and whether I’m interested in that.

    Oh – and by the way – I can read and understand what the message is, so why would I want to listen to a repetition of the same message. Agreed that a video message is beneficial to blind or short sighted people, but to me NO THANX.

    I do make use of branded splash pages, where and when available as I belief that can strengthen the message.

    Happy Thanks giving to all the people celebrating this and enjoy you festivities.

  14. Ok, so here’s my video CTP page

    I link to it from all the CTP banners I put on my blog and download pages. If someone is going to join CTP I want them to feel like they know me and will actually use the system rather than just joining and kicking the tyres.

    In terms of advertising with autoplay it’s the muppets who advertise biz ops that are spoiling it. With all the increased speed of the internet almost all computer bought in the last 2 years can cope with autoplay, we’re not living in the 2000s anymore, and starting a business using dial up is just not possible.

    Embrace new technology rather than just complaining about it.

  15. Hi Jon,

    Great post … as always.
    Thought provoking … as always.
    Controversial … of course.

    We are seeing more and more video on pages for one reason.


    Having recently made the conversion to video, I can attest to that first hand. When we switched TopTierTraffic to a video based splash page … signups doubled. When I switched to a video based sales page for new Premium Membership subscriptions … conversions tripled. Maybe I am releasing too much info!

    I am a results oriented person. That is why I advertise, and I hope it is why everyone here does too. We want new signups and sales for whatever we are promoting. That is why you need to consider video. It gets results.

    If you aren’t comfortable with being in front of the camera, then don’t be. I am not on camera in any of my videos to date. It is all PowerPoint and screen capture with Camtasia and me doing the audio. I think that the Powerpoint approach has other benefits too because it can get a point across even if the sound is turned off.

    The technology of the Internet Marketing game is evolving rapidly. I think you can look to the larger marketers, both within our TE niche and outside to see how the trends are going. You can rest assured that the “gurus” have lots of tracking and are using the methods that are working for them. When was the last time you saw a big launch that didn’t have video? Most of them now are almost all video. That is a sign you ignore at your own peril.


  16. Oh boy! People, my comment was not about the effectiveness of A/V as an advertising tool. I was talking only about using the medium as splash pages in traffic exchanges. There is no doubt that video increases conversions; the thing that is being ignored is the cost it places on the whole community.

    Opening and closing high density programs causes memory leaks in computers, regardless of their capacity. To Bill Gorcsi’s point, he is right that surfing a single video will cause no appreciable harm. On the other hand, opening and closing 100’s of them in the course of surfing several exchanges simultaneously will certainly cause significant slowdowns in most computers in use today.

    My biggest concern, I guess, is that this issue is underpinned by a considerable degree of selfishness. I find that very disappointing.

  17. What I think personally is that Heavy Elements like videos or heavy graphics should be sparingly and wisely used in TE where you have a certain time-limit to load your pages and pass your marketing message. Leave alone load videos.

    However if they load, they can get you good conversions…

    -Vedant Madane.

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