The Power of an Idea

I’ve been on this kick this week in TE Live about the power of putting stuff down on paper and once you do, it becomes ‘real’. And once an idea is down on paper, action has been taken and the creation process has begun….Creepy stuff huh? I’m getting all deep today…

But I witnessed something remarkable yesterday on Facebook. About how ‘ideas’ are spread and when you create something that gets people talking, it gets shared very quickly.

I was reading one of those ‘graphic messages’ that seem to be popular these days. You know the powerful quotes that are placed on a small graphic. People seem to love these but I found one that was really unique on my friends wall. I then shared it (with the share button on Facebook which I think is the greatest thing ever btw) and not only did I get immediate comments from my friends and also got that same link shared 6 times….All within 15 minutes of me finding the link.

Was it earth shattering information? No, but it was unique. And it was something people wanted to talk about.

Here’s the lesson in this…Make whatever you do online MATTER! Make it unique. Make it newsworthy. And get people talking about it. What’s awesome is that you won’t have to do much work once the idea starts spreading. But the first step is to take what you have in your mind, and put it on paper….Then let the ‘social’ world take over.

Have a great Friday!

Jon Olson

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10 thoughts to “The Power of an Idea”

  1. You are right Jon.. I wrote down that idea for CTP yesturday and it’s live today.. Just don’t get me writing down too much or my desk gets cluttered with papers and Justin will make me throw them away when he stops by the office..

  2. Yeah man, it’s so powerful to take an idea, write it down and act on it. This very blog post was from me having inspiration at 10pm , so I wrote it down on my paper pad and made sure I write the post today…..Sauce is awesome.

  3. These things are called infographics and the big blogs like copyblogger have been using them for a while. They’ve been designed to share on facebook and then link back to the original author’s site and give it lots of link juice to show google the site is popular.

    Total agree that writing things down and then scoring them off as you do them is a powerful thing to do. Did you not do that as a CTP lesson where you put the 5 daily tasks onto the white board?


  4. Andrew – nah nah, not infographics…I’m a huge fan of those, been printing them out for years when on StumbleUpon lol

    You know those little graphics that have ‘quotes’ on them. There is nothing to them, just text….those things lol

    Yeah I am a big fan of the whiteboard way of doing things. Just crossing things off once they are completed.

  5. Love reading your posting and you are totally correct. I agree with you on if you write things down, it becomes a part of your reality and you will actually follow through with it. Great posting and I look forward to the next one.

  6. Shawn – thanks man, I appreciate the support and the comments.

    Barbara – Yup, so that’s the real lesson I got yesterday….Make everything you do memorable =)

  7. What no tokens or XP? Why am I posting?
    For sure simple ideas can go far if social media is implemented.
    one tweet or one share can explode the views on it. Like 6 levels to Kevin Bacon. And we are just at the beginning of social media, so embrace it or go passed by kinda like a VCR tape. that reminds me……….oh never mind. Have a killer weekend

  8. You know that is actually how I started my process to develop EZPromoVideos… I was surfing and started to notice comments from people and wrote them down… I have a few tips lined up from exactly that process!

    Another awesome post!!

    Thank you,

    P.S. Put a notepad on your night stand or use your cell phone to make that midnight note! It sure helps me out! 🙂

  9. Hi Jon,

    I’ve been talking about this at my other site for sometime. Take your thoughts out of the non-physical because that is what a thought is and manifest it in this physical universe by using two of man’s greatest creations, pen and paper. In a recently blog I even took your white board exercise and explained why you should erase what you have done so it doesn’t linger in this universe either. Goal done, erase it from your white board. On my cell phone there are two things I’ve fallen in love with… the memo app and the voice recorder.

    Great post.


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