The Results Are In…People ‘Like’ Me

It’s been 2 weeks…

And it looks like…People ‘like’ me 🙂

Or at least they put up with me….lol

The game plan was simple, promote this page for 2 weeks and see how many ‘likes’ I could get to the Plus 1 Daily fan page.

After roughly 20,000 hits of free traffic, I got 30 new likes to the page.

Not the numbers I expected to be honest, I was hoping closer to 50, but still….30 new ‘fans’ from free traffic sources…

I’ll take it!

The facts are…Traffic exchanges do convert, however you MUST be in front of people more than once. Consistent advertising is key to this as well as creating pages that have an auto playing video and a clear simple call to action.

I truly believe, the more ‘stuff’ you put on your pages, the lower the conversion rates.

There is greatness is simplicity, I think Tolstoy said that once 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the experiment. I look forward to seeing what else we can do with the traffic exchanges and showing to the world that these programs are VERY effective when you use them properly.

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I'm known as the Traffic Exchange Guy. I like traffic exchanges and have for over a decade. They are grrrrrrreeeeeaaaat!