The Team Build Movement

This article has been wanting to be published for months now…It’s the new ‘thing’ online and I don’t know who started this movement but it comes in all shapes and sizes. From Powerpath GDI to Team OceanSwell to Rip Tide Army, the team build concept has become quite popular especially in the traffic exchange industry and well….It’s time to talk about it.

First of all, I love the team concept. I think there is some real power that can be formed when like minded individuals get together and have a common goal. Working together is very powerful and some of the best businesses in the world have been formed when like minded people get together. This is great.

However some serious concerns arise when things start to slow down. And slow down they always do. We had a heated debate a few months ago in Traffic Exchange Live where we questioned how long something like Ocean Swell could sustain itself. The owner came into the chat and defended his business model. And of course he would, the owners of each of these teams are on the top of the business model / MLM. Remember, it is possible for individuals to prosper from the team build concept but it’s GUARANTEED the owner of the build gets paid for everything the rest of the team does.

But regardless, the signs where there. Just recently Ocean Swell brought in something called NPN which was weird because previously this team was all about building your Traffic Wave downline. I’m no expert but maybe they brought in another program because it was getting harder to build the teams in Traffic Wave? What do you think? Or can an Ocean Swell member provide the readers with some facts about the new addition?

But I digress…The major problem I have with any ‘team build’ is the lack of personal branding that takes place in them. Sure people get to know each other in the system but outside of it, everyone promotes generic affiliate links and ALL this effort builds the brand of the team. Which is GREAT on a business side of things but not so much for the individual.

I know these teams aren’t going to make all their members rich and I know the majority of the people there would appreciate an extra 200 bucks every month. And for those reasons alone…Team are fantastic. You learn a lot about the industry, the training is there and as a traffic exchange owner I love seeing the activity these bring.

A little history as well about this (so people don’t think I’m not talking out of experience) …

I did join Rip Tide Army to check it out because I always wanted to try out The Online Ad Network and hey, what better way to learn about it from the team build that revolves around TOAN. In the end TOAN wasn’t for me, which is too bad because I’m a huge fan of it’s big brother program Traffic Wave. Met some good people in Rip Tide too, but alas I cannot be a part of something where I do not use the program it’s promoting. Nothing against TOAN or Rip Tide, it just wasn’t for me…

So please…Team build owners…Make sure your members get some kind of benefit for promoting the team so hard. Stick a picture on a splash page. Promote the most active recruiter. Do something to help the members not only build the team, but also build their personal brand.

Teams are a good thing, if they are used properly. And I don’t think the team build model is going away. But I sure would like to get to know the hundreds of members that are promoting the teams…

I’d love to hear your comments…Please share your experiences with the team builds and let’s get the discussion going.

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

118 thoughts to “The Team Build Movement”

  1. Dallas you are the best. Thank you for your selfless dedication.
    And you are so right when you say “Faces don’t build trust, actions do.”

  2. Powerpath is the right road our admin. have made it so, they are a fantastic group of people as well as the whole Powerpath team and Dallas is the man that can!

  3. No matter what the competition say or do, Dallas, you always keep coming through for the PowerPath team. Ride on through the storm and through the calm.

    Sincerity and Trust is what really matters!

  4. Lol … You have to love this comment…

    “Personal branding is overrated. Sure, you’ll need personal branding if you want to sucker in some other marketer. But in the end, it’s just a face. Faces don’t build trust, actions do.”

    Branding is about You… Not just put a picture on a Splash page, that is just the beginning lol … It’s what you do, how you do it, what YOU stand for, how you marketing stuff, what do people think of when they see your name, face and so on. That is Branding…

    Branding is THE KEY If You want YOUR own Business, live on your business… In This competition you have to be unique.
    Brand you and your Business (if you are the owner of it).

    Promoting a Team is more like working for somebody else. Be a Fan of a sports team and get some bonus from a big pot.

    The Question you have to Ask Yourself Is…

    Do I want a Job or Be YOUR Own Boss?

    ps… I see many fans in this thread, a few cheer leaders as well and some Coaches… Which Category fits YOU, are you satisfied with what you do? Fine… I’m Happy 4 YOU!

    Stefan Berg

  5. Stefan,

    Yes, there are plenty of “Be My Own Boss” people out there… very lonely, overworked and stressed out people who never learned how to be a Team leader or learned how to be a team player.

    The “Be My Own Boss” type of outlook may work temporarily, perhaps for affiliates who simply sell products/services through building a list, but with that type of business approach, people are unemployed between each sale.

    That’s fine for some people who may not want the security or freedom that working with, and for, a team provides, but many people don’t want that type of dog eat dog business… working alone, being stressed all the time because they can’t do everything by themselves that needs to be done, not having the time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, etc.

    Sorry, I don’t call that a business… I call that a job. Yes, perhaps a little bit higher paying job… IF it’s done correctly, but I hardly call that “Living”.

    Just ask any doctor, lawyer or other professional… IF they can fit you into their crazy, hectic schedule for a 5 minute chat, and see what they have to say about their choice.

    Working with, and for, a Team is just the beginning… to get people started in the life of their dreams… to work with like-minded people, “Learning” from and sharing with each other.

    For many of us, the income potential is just the beginning… the motivation to get started in the right direction… learning to care for others success as much as our OWN.

    We LOVE to see each OTHER becoming successful… one day at a time, motivating and inspiring each OTHER to BE more than they could have EVER been working on their own.

    TRUE success is NOT about ME, ME, ME and getting just what WE want personally… especially in the network marketing industry.

    It’s about taking the “Time” to care enough to make a difference in OTHER peoples lives through the support, guidance and relationships that a team can, and does, provide.

    With our choice of businesses to promote, we can choose to promote outside the team, on our own, as well as with the team.

    Nobody is restricted in any way, shape or form to promote ONLY the team. It’s our choice.

    A choice most of us gladly make in favor of the Team, because we KNOW it helps EVERYONE involved… NOT just ourselves.

    Is it for EVERYONE?

    No Way!!

    It takes a special kind of person, with a caring heart for others… definitely not a trait that can be found in abundance in todays ME, ME world.

    However, if people look deep enough inside themselves, many of them would FIND the part of themselves that DOES care. It’s just so deeply buried, it’s difficult to feel and see sometimes.

    If that is in ANY way wrong or bad in your eyes and heart, perhaps “Team” is not for you and we wouldn’t want you to make that choice.

    Like I said, it’s not for everyone.



  6. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Joe. You are the man, and I’m so glad you are on our side 🙂

    And thanks to all of you Powerpath members that commented here, you put the Power in “Powerpath” 🙂

    Love you guys/gals 🙂

    Dallas Hetaraka

  7. Probably misquoting this, “I would rather have 1% of the efforte of 100 men than 100% of the effort of one man.” Rockafeller. I believe in teams because I would rather promote with a team of likeminded mates than compete against them. It is said that most surfers take @7 exposers before they click and/or join an opportunity. When a team promotes a single opportunity, the conversion time ramps up, thousands of page shows compared to hundreds [what an individual’s credits would do] gives the surfer many exposures within a relatively short period of time. When a strong leader has a great program, many will find success on the Internet. The ideas and excitement and friendships that develop within a team’s forum makes belonging to a team even more worthy. I especially am impressed with leadership where it is obviouse that the members are the most important part of the program. Words are cheap, actions speak volumes.

    Mark aka blackdiamond

  8. Joe

    I must say that you are very black and white in your last comment… Many people run their own Businesses and are successful… lol There is nothing wrong with working for someone else, if that is what you want to do… neither have your own company and work, help tons of people doing the same.

    The whole MLM Industry and most Online Business is built around the concept: Work for yourself, independent affiliate, franchise what ever… But very few if non is working alone, by themself… The whole idea is working in a team, group and help each other reach your dreams, goals…

    “Working with, and for, a Team is just the beginning… to get people started in the life of their dreams… to work with like-minded people, “Learning” from and sharing with each other.” (Working with a team is what many many Companies do, have done many many years). But that do not have to be all promote a Team upfront, building a matrix and the owner and a few lucky early birds will reap the money.

    Coach people cool, teach, motivate… I’m all in for that… but again that do not have to be all promote the same thing.

    “It takes a special kind of person, with a caring heart for others” (This has nothing to do with the model you choose and use to work with, this is something each individual have to grow, develop and can be said of many successful Business owners, affiliates)

    No Store or business owner want to sell 10 packages of milk 1 day and non the following 3 days, then 15 on Saturday. Is that what people think online marketers do or business owners in general? (This is extra money, not a long lasting business model)

    What most countries need now is more small and middle size business. At least that is what I read… This is not for all people either to run their own business.

    This comment is very strange: Just ask any doctor… Hey, not having enough food to put on the table that is very very stressful. That is more likely to happen if you promote a Team Matrix then it is if you learn how to build a business…

    The Questions is not about working together in a team, group of people… That is what most successful people are doing.

    The question is… Should you promote a Team upfront build a Matrix in a program and hopefully if you are lucky make some money…(remember most team concepts ends pretty quick) When that happens, you have nothing.

    If you Build your Own List 1st… You Always have a Business what ever happens with the company you might be affiliated with or the products, services your are selling.

    The support, care and so on have nothing to do with that…

    Take Care

    Stefan Berg

  9. You can definitely promote your branding while still advertising a team, it’s like with any program, you can choose to use the over used faceless generic supplied splash pages, or you can make your own unique, branded splash page

  10. Hi Jon I am wondering if you still are monitoring this subject?

    If so I could sure use a little advice…. If you would send me an email to the address used in this post I would really appreciate it alot!!!

    While I did post to this subject before and felt very strong about the team I ‘had’ belonged too. It was suggested by a certain team leader that maybe I could post and defend the team that I was involved with.

    Given things that happened since then I really feel like a complete fool defending someone else who was not willing to defend themselves at the time.

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