This Post Might Make Me Even More Hated But….

Disclaimer: This is no way is a slam towards anyone that is shown in the screenshots below. It’s meant to show you the power of sticking to your vision and list building each and everyday. Please note, I’m trying to teach a valuable lesson that was shown to me years ago by some of the biggest names in internet marketing. I hope you see the value in this post….

So Atomic Mailer launch on Monday. This brand new viral list builder has become the rave of the industry and we of course, jumped at the opportunity to help launch it. Simply put, Mark Fox is a fantastic owner who pays huge commissions, provides valuable services for his members and shows up, every day. So I’ll go over exactly how we promoted this, step by step, and how we became the top affiliate for Mark’s new launch;

First on Sunday, I sent a teaser email out. I hinted that on Monday there would be a launch and that we would be promoting it. This warmed our list to the fact that we would be promoting something on Monday but also, hinted that if people joined through our link, we would be giving them some XP bonuses as well.

On Monday, we fired off our first email with CTP XP sign up bonuses but also a random cash prize of $100 to someone who joined this program through our link and upgraded their account. This did two things….It got people excited to sign up but also encouraged folks to take the upgrade to be entered to win.

And finally on Tuesday, we sent a follow up to remind the list of Atomic Mailer, but used a scarcity tactic where we showed them the price increase of the mailer. It was a paid to join program and while the initial launch fee was only 50 cents, it went up to over a dollar the following day. This helped bump up referrals.

Now here’s the eye opener….

Take a look at the following screen shots and what do you notice?


These two images show the people that put in the ‘most effort’ by reading the most emails, clicking on links and promoting the generic affiliate link inside of other mailers and traffic exchanges to get ‘hits to the site’….Interesting. Now let’s look at the next screenshot…


No one on the top list for referrals or sales, showed up on the top two lists…Why is that?

The bottom image, in my opinion, showed the people that used their lists to promote this launch. They did not spend their effort on clicking for credits to send traffic to their affiliate links and did not spend hours opening emails in the system to get credits to mail. They leveraged their mailing list, plain and simple.

This is why we have been screaming at the top of our lungs during all our training these past few weeks about the importance…No, excuse me, the CRITICAL importance of building your mailing list…Now.

This is not taking anything away from anyone on those top two lists. This is to show people how powerful list building can be for your business. I’m just speaking for myself and not for anyone else on that top list but we spent zero credits promoting any generic affiliate link and like I mentioned above, there was a grand total of 3 emails sent to our list.

Take the time to build the relationships with the people on your lists now, and make sure they know how much they are valued. Spend your days developing relationships and building your brand the right way and who knows….The next big launch that Mark does, your name could be up there as well.

It all started with 1 person on your list…And it grows from there.

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

32 thoughts to “This Post Might Make Me Even More Hated But….”

  1. Nice post. Very informative, I believe you got your point across well enough that you are not slamming others, no one will get too upset at anyone. (Except maybe themselves for not doing enough with their lists.) 😉

    1. Amen Fran! Very good points and why I never just send one email when we help to launch something….Some folks might not read the first email, or even second…It’s important to follow up.

  2. I agree with you Jon

    I pointed out in my post yesterday on my blog Gary’s Marketing Tip’s that

    “If you ever plan on earning a living from your online marketing efforts then this is a part of your business that is not only crucial but extremely vital to your success.” Gary Anderson

    1. Thanks man….Yeah it’s funny how so many in 2015 are over looking the importance of list building. They must think it’s only for certain marketers, I’m not sure….But people should be practicing this now, not next week.

      1. I agree Now is all we have so if anyone seriously thinks for a moment tomorrow never comes as soon as the clock strikes midnite everything switches and tomorrow is still 24 hrs away so if you plan on doing it NOW is the time to do it not tomorrow or even next week

  3. This is an excellent post with samples to share of how important it is to build your list. I think you did a great job on this one Jon. Bravo.

  4. Not sure why this would be offensive. If anything, it’s inspiring! Instead of spending all of your time clicking, and reading, and yawwwwwwwwn, this shows that you can spend time building your list, meeting awesome people, having fun and still win on the back end!

    So glad to be here during this sort of List Building Revival going on right now. That’s what it’s all about! ?

    1. Yes ma’am! That’s how I feel about it…It shows the power of relationships and list building the right way. Hope folks see that message 🙂

  5. Great post Jon. Interesting points. Not sure anyone should be offended…by what. I’m just finishing off a new sequence for my list building using what I’ve learned along the way. Should be up and showing later today. And I do need to integrate Learn with Nick to RR.


  6. I agree 100% when I was with Worldprofit George Kosch stressed the importance of Building a List. But somewhere along the way I got away from that. Currently I am mulling around a couple ideas, one which includes video tutorials

  7. The power of list building. Very self evident and awesome, I do not see how anyone could be offended except the conspiracy theorist that think it is not that important. There are those that do and those that dont and the only way to change that is a complete culture shift. If you are doing anything online you must have that list building option entact or you are just spinning your wheels

  8. Perhaps the first group was not interested in Atomic Mailer. Maybe they were reading emails to earn credits to promote their list. Just a thought.

    The fact is that learning to list build, use your auto-responder, create both an initial follow-up series and content driven broadcasts, does take effort. It requires the person to figure out how the puzzle fits together. If they don’t realize that there are lots of people that would be more than willing to help them, they may think that just throwing up an affiliate link is the easiest way to accomplish anything, after all, just about every program has an affiliate toolbox with splash pages.

    Here’s an analogy that anyone who spent any of their time hanging around the pool table at their local bar would understand. It’s the difference between learning to evaluate the table and plan your shots or the hit and hope method. Guess which one works better over the long run?

  9. Weren’t people ticked off when Jon was voted Mr. Safelist? Looks like he’s pretty good at it. Is there a big difference – any difference – between mailers and safelists?

  10. Again, Marian and I are on the same wavelength 😉

    The first thing I thought of was that they’re reading emails to earn credits, so that they can in turn send out their own email. What would be interesting to see is if they’re promoting whatever it is with a lead capture page.

    The other reason is that LFTME mailers such as this reward activity with a weekly jackpot. You earn points for reading emails, promoting the affiliate link, along with obtaining referrals and sales. So you could say that there is justification for their activity.

    But….guess who are in the top 5 right now to win the bulk of the jackpot? Again, the SAME folks who are the top referrers and sellers…and who are listbuilders. The leaderboard actually lists the top 25; I don’t see the readers/promoters/icon collectors anywhere in the top 25.

    So, there IS a lesson to be learned here…and folks will catch on.

    1. You two , I swear….Need to write a book together lol Seriously always on the same wave length like you said…lol

      Yeah the point being for me…Is just concentrate on the lists because of the rewards down the road…All that other stuff is circumstantial …..The top money and referrals though, is right in front of people 🙂

  11. This is a nice eye opener. This is one of those lessons I will keep in mind from this point on and make sure not to forget that email marketing still works. Even the people screaming that email marketing is dead, are using email to say it. Lol Very good post Jon. No one person should be upset. It’s a great lesson for those of us that want to learn to do this right.

  12. These are the posts that i like 🙂 It is very informative and you can learn a lot about it, so Jon and his team made tons of money, BUT as you can read, he shown a golden nugget as he says and it is called LAUNCH party 🙂 Just read it several times and you will find the real nugget, that RR looks interesting 😀 if you are not part of it, you must be part of that, well who knows if they not leverage it, but they have right to do it 🙂 thanks for the post Jon

  13. Hey John – great post and right on the money. Of course it has to be said that the people in the top sellers/referrals list have also used TEs/ List Mailers/ and other incentive based traffic systems to extensively build their personal brand while simultaneously building their list. The two go hand in hand particularly in the ad exchange industry(whatever form it takes).
    List building is not about numbers its about relationships and remaining relevant to the audience. You sir are exhibit a , b and c. Keep up the good work

  14. They say the money is in the list….I say it is in multiple list but where the money is in the second part of the list. That is in following up with those on your list. You may have a list of hundreds or even thousands but if you don’t follow up and develop a relationship with those one the list that are willing to interact with you, the list soon becomes useless.

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