Traffic Exchanges Don’t Work…

Here’s a newsflash, the ‘experts’ at the Warrior Forum are telling everyone that traffic exchanges don’t work…Wow, is it 2006 all over again?

Let me rewind my rant and explain. Jared Silver decided to pose the question this weekend in the Warrior Forum (the big bad internet marketing forum) if traffic exchanges work…The post was meant to stir things up and highlight some of the better aspects of the business (a.k.a. you, the members of these programs and the lifeblood of the communities).

Well, how did it go? We were the most popular thread this weekend in the forum and well, let’s just say Jon Olson didn’t win over any fans from the thread. Why was I defensive? Because this is the same argument I’ve been having for over a decade about traffic exchanges.

Let’s put it this way…SEO people HATE the thought of traffic exchanges because their numbers may not be up to par with their SEO game plan. I’ve had my issues with SEO ‘claims’ for years but I have changed my way of thinking these past few months. I have woken up to the fact that there are MANY ways to generate traffic, neither is better than the other.

So when people call my life’s work ‘junk’ and ‘a complete waste of time’…Sorry, Papa Jon comes out to defend his businesses. But I should have known better…LOL Anyways…

Traffic exchanges DO work and work better than they ever have. Combined with the social surfing element, which many including myself, think is the biggest improvement this industry has seen in a decade, the numbers are there. The members keep surfing, the members keep joining, the members keep purchasing and the results continue to speak for themselves.

All in all, there was great people in the Warrior Forum this weekend like John Guanzon and others who made strong points for the traffic exchanges (without the Jon Olson-esque emotions lol) and I think it was a bright spotlight pointed again, at our industry.

Fun times but I know my place and where I do my best work. I will stick around the communities built for the traffic exchange industry! It’s a great business to be in and after 13 years, it’s only getting better…

P.S. Speaking of communities, remember T3 is tonight! At 7pm Eastern. It should be a good one!

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Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

33 thoughts to “Traffic Exchanges Don’t Work…”

  1. Jeff – ya I mean I see the power of turning some eye balls towards us, but it’s been tried many times.

    I want to focus on the people who ‘get it’ and if some of the Warriors come over to us, great. If not, good luck with whatever you do.

  2. I had the chance to read the posts on that particular thread and indeed found the arguments interesting. In relation, I posted an article on APSense about it.

    Thanks for the badge codes. But apparently, I already claimed them before. LOL!


  3. Jon,

    There will always be the “chicken littles”…

    And there will always be those folks… quick to trash another person (and their business), in order to feel better about themselves and their own plight in life.

    Of course, you enjoy yanking their chains, too (just a lil bit, aye… lol)


  4. Carl – You know, I used to. Now it’s just blah for me. I’m not going to prove my point to anyone, so alas, I vent on my blog LOL

    Rain – yeah, rumor has it that a new collection was just released today though…

  5. Marijuana Hits (my TE) is doing great even though it has been banned at almost all other TE’s (including ILH). There’s your close minded people. I bet most who have banned it did not even go look to see what the site is all about. Yet it is still getting new members. My members are mostly coming from blog traffic…

  6. I think that of any post we have ever tried to take a stance and defend our views on traffic exchanges, this one has made the biggest impact there.

    It started out the typical way and made a huge shift towards folks there thinking again.

    Did it “sell” everyone? Nah, but tell me one marketing strategy that sells everyone 100% of the time.

  7. Jonathan – I hate it man. i really hate that it’s banned. trust me on this, i’m not ‘anti-pot’ or even ‘pro-pot’…I’m whatever grown adults think is best for their own lives. Wish the world saw it like that too.

    John – Ya man, I’m not holding my breathe but alas, it is what it is.

  8. I wonder how popular your thread would be if you as to compare you yearly income to theirs to see how junkie TE really are, I would beat any of them would like to have your junkie INCOME lol

  9. Maryanne – Yes ma’am. That’s the plan.

    Steve – Yeah, but see we (the traffic exchange industry) have never been ‘sexy’ in anyone’s eyes. No matter how much owners make, how well affiliates do in the programs, we are never looked at in a positive light in ‘that side’ of internet marketing.

    Heck even in the traffic exchange industry, people are quick to get advice from folks that haven’t done a thing with their business rather than the trailblazers and folks that have ‘done it’ for years.

    It’s crazy. But if some of us T.E. people were ‘list building gurus’ and all….THEN we would be respected.

  10. Hi Folks, I was a member of that so-called forum until about two years ago, I think. Also another forum about a popular niche, that shall remain nameless here. Deb and I were and still are Life Members in this particular niche. A thread was started in both forms, “What are your opinions of the quality of people that join the program ,”niche”, that come from traffic exchanges?” At the time, I was one of their top 25 money earners. After battling it out with them for about two weeks, I had enough of the condescending and arrogant attitude of the so-called and self described gurus. “The Quality of TE People”, give me a break. I would not waste my time any more reading garbage by a bunch of know-it-all’s from any forum. I still do article marketing, pay per click, ad boards, business cards, flyers, and any way possible to let people know what Deb and I do. We felt very different about the “Quality of People” then and in light of the battle that we had to face in April and the unbelievable support and encouragement that came in droves from the TE Community, “They can kiss my grits!” My bottom line is this, if another human being enters that fantastic world of Internet Marketing through the traffic exchange industry has a chance, Especially with the introduction of Click Track Profit. My favorite phrase: “Let the dogs bark, this caravan is moving on!”
    Thanks for a forum to vent my rants too Jon!

  11. Yes Virginia, TE’s do work. I visit the Warriors forum and I have received some good advice about SEO that works. However, you can’t compare apples and oranges. I don’t market the same things on TE’s that I market on blogs.

    I only have one complaint about TE marketing and it is that I often wind up with credit not being used as quickly as I would like on some exchanges.

    Great post and comments

  12. wow love your spunk…Jon…I just wish I had more time to surf! Working, building businesses online is not easy. I had an 25 year offline career that seemed to build itself. When I need some spirit and encouragement I seek out you, Tim and John G.I watch your ideas and even signed up for the SpokeGeek contest on FB. Thanks for the Wildfire resource! My fantasy if you will is to become a host for a traffic exchange site…

  13. Sam – Agreed. I truly believe that the best people on planet earth can be found in this industry. Sure there are the odd stinker, but in general, TE people rock!

    Jeananne -Hey you already have 25 years experience in business. That is a lot more than most folks. Use your knowledge, it’ll go so far =)

  14. Not always seen eye to eye with you Jon but I admire your comments and commend you on your attitude…

    “Junk Traffic” etc but most of those comments came from users that hadn’t actually used them before.

    Keep up the protest.!!

  15. Can I have back the 397 hours of my life I’ve spent arguing with people on forums over the past decade. Hasn’t paid for one penny of my daughter’s college tuition either – πŸ˜‰

  16. Hi Jon,

    I have to agree with you 100%! I do not like the Warrior Forum for a few different reasons, but 1 thing I really dislike about them is if you are a member there they are constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, sending out emails with CRAP that they want you to buy. I don’t know how many emails a day I get from these people, but I know it is annoying as hell!

    I do not see where they offer any information or anything of value to their members. Just my little rant of the day!

    Thanks for another great post and I will definitely read the forum to see what was said over the weekend.


  17. Kent – ha ha ha yes sir, me too.

    Marilyn – affiliate marketing at it’s best. the formula usually works like this, pitch pitch pitch lol

  18. Having spent nearly 12 months trying to master SEO, I can state categorically that Traffic Exchanges are by far the easiest simplest way to build an online presence in the make money niche.

    Google hate them – big deal
    Self righteous SEO geeks hate them – big deal
    PPC freaks hate them – that’s just stupid PPC costs me at least $5 per lead TE’s cost me much less

    TEs are full of people who need help – the warrior forum is full of preening self righteous semi self styled gurus who pat each other on the back and are quick to tear down anybody who challenges their view of the world.

    I’ve never seen the point of the warrior forum. I know every1 says I should be there but I’d prefer to be hanging around places where real people with real needs hang out.

  19. Mark Hodgetts = the man! Booya PERFECT on that comment, especially the “big deal” part!

    Hi Jon! *waves*

    Yeah, I’m still drowning in boxes and house fixing up. Will see y’all SOON.

  20. Mark – Love it man. One of the best posts today for sure!

    Lynn – We are looking forward to your return. Me thinks you will be pleasantly surprised at how TE Live has changed (but stayed the same)

  21. Everything was good the people that made their voice heard.

    I thank you & Qzon ad all the others that talked about Traffic exchanges.

    Traffic exchanges Still rock and haven’t stopped

  22. Cudos to Jon and the TE industry. I have tried everything that came along since 93 and saw the light ( the bright TE light of truth ) a couple of years back. The one true fact to emerge from all of this is to be social is to be successful.

    Rock On Jon

  23. Debates or discussion like you all had over the weekend will bear fruit, it creates awareness. Job well done overall. Each discipline is important and Traffic Exchanges certainly fill
    a much needed niche and even more so with the social aspect to
    them now as Jon has stated. Congratulations and HAPPY Growth to
    all TE Owners and Customers


  24. Lol, I saw this on warriorforum.

    It was interesting to see all the people who have never even tried them or used them right, saying they suck. I never used them before I saw that thread but I decided to try them out and I’m already seeing results! Everybody always spittin crap on there..

  25. James – Yessir! Completely agree.

    Ron – Yea I think that this social thing is so huge. The potential hasn’t scratched the surface yet.

    Rob – thank you sir, much appreciated.

    Zach – yeah, I’ve learned a long time ago. Just nod and agree at that place lol

  26. The Warrior Forum has it’s pros and cons, same as the TE industry, but whereas TE’s provide the most PROs, the Warrior Forum is mostly full of CONs. (pun intended πŸ˜‰

    I have found a few really good WSOs, particularly WordPress Plugins that have made my life as a blogger and niche mini site marketer much easier, but 90% of the WSOs advertised are pure crapola, and then all of the other crapola promoters add their crapola approval comments to hype it all up. It’s mostly just one big circle jerk there.

    It never ceases to amaze me that the people that have the most negative things to say about TEs are the ones that have never even used them. Even if they did use TEs a year ago and found no success, the way the industry has evolved over the past year has created an entirely new set of rules for TE marketing.

  27. It always pay to stick with what you know and do well. And I have to say CTP which uses Traffic Exchanges (LOL) is giving me some very gratifying results.


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