Way Back In April I Made A Pretty Big Claim…

April 14th was a big day in the traffic exchange industry. You might be scratching your head and asking yourself why is Jon talking about something that happened almost 6 months ago but hear me out…

I was looking at some older programs today because Sunny Suggs had recently re-released her Bootscootin Traffic and when I saw it was first released in 2008, that made me smile.


That’s almost a decade ago, yet here’s an owner that is focusing on bringing more value to the market instead of just launching something new.

I started looking at some of the most popular launches of this past year and then I noticed something…Remarkable.

TEPays.com was launched April 14/15th of this year and I made some pretty big claims about it. I said it would be a huge force for years to come and 6 months later….I’m sticking to my guns.

Why does this program continue to blow everything away?

Brand building & list building!

I have never seen anything in my years of marketing in this business that has worked so well and exactly as it was designed to.

And commissions? Holy moly donut shop…..This thing pays us 3 figures every single week, without fail!

Check out this screen shot to see what I’m saying…



But I think we can see, this industry doesn’t always need brand new…It needs SOLID and long term.

Folks, I kid you not, this will help your business more than anything ever…Stick with programs that pay each and every week without fail, and stay active in the sites where the owner is out there…Helping members and adding value to them all the time.

Whether it’s Sunny re-launching a kick butt traffic exchange that first got started in 2008, or the NewFire Marketing guys and their no-brainer marketing system….This stuff works, if you stay the course…

Jon Olson

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3 thoughts to “Way Back In April I Made A Pretty Big Claim…”

  1. Hey Jon, I was in the midst of a move to Albuquerque, New Mexico when tePays came out, so I pretty much ignored the usual flurry of ads, emails and blog posts about it when the initial launch was happening back then. Can you say a few words (not just for me, but for others who aren’t in it yet) what it is with tePays that works so well to build our Brands and our Lists? I’ve already sent the same question to my CTP Team (go “Living Wealthy!”) and will probably get a referral link from one of them. But since your post focuses on Brands and Lists, I’d appreciate it if you could say just a little more about those two features. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jon,

    You should have sworn, talked about someone swearing, or had a picture of your bird (I want to call it a parrot, but not sure if it’s something more exotic) as posts like this which tell you the non sexy stuff which works always get ignored.


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