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When’s The Last Time You Stopped Surfing?

Remember the good ol’ days?

Remember when a website you saw when surfing the traffic exchanges made you stop in your tracks. It grabbed your attention? It commanded you to take action and you willingly followed through?

Seems like ages ago right….

I had that experience again today!

Crazy right?

And while I wasn’t surfing a traditional traffic exchange, I was ‘surfing the web’ in a model very similar to a traffic exchange (StumbleUpon – Yeah I still say it’s the greatest traffic exchange in history that never named itself a traffic exchange lol)

And while I was checking out some blogs I discovered a post that captured my attention…

Not because of a sharp looking squeeze page. And not because of a cool video. This was just a simple blog that was recommending a book that was right up my alley.


I literally stopped surfing and because I try not to buy books on Amazon (long story) I proceeded to the local book store and picked it up.

Not sure I can EVER remember finding something while surfing that made me not only stop surfing, but got me up out of my office and drive to the bookstore to buy what was being recommended…

Now while this isn’t the end goal of traffic exchanges in 2017, it’s a pretty good dream to shoot for….

Imagine…A community of websites that people LOVED to spend time in. They loved to surf because what they saw while surfing catered to their desires, goals and dreams…

Sure StumbleUpon exists already, but that doesn’t mean traditional traffic exchanges can’t feed those desires of our surfers.

I don’t have the answer, and I’m just throwing it out there for potential discussions…

This would be a beautiful thing to see in this business…Catering to surfers who WANT to be here, not just to earn credits but a true desire to discover new stuff…

Because guess what happens when you cater to those kind of surfers….Advertisers ALWAYS follow!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

10 thoughts to “When’s The Last Time You Stopped Surfing?”

  1. I was on StumbleUpon during that time today as well. And although I didn’t leave the office and go buy anything, I did stop surfing and read/liked several pages I found.

    They are crushing the TE model (that’s really all they are). There has to be things they are doing that can be adapted to the TEs to improve results over simply surfing for pennies.

    Good question Jon. I hope we get some more input. 🙂

    1. Thanks man. I had dreams of Sitizens and Sweeva becoming something very similar. Mostly because I loved the feeling of finding things that I actually was interested in. It took away the desire to earn a credit, and kept me engaged and surfing errrr…Stumbling…for hours.

      1. An hour on StumbleUpon and you will realize that the market potential is there. People WANT to see/read/engage about things they are interested in. Provide that, and you have a model for success.

  2. I like StumbleUpon too; I get “sucked in” surfing there quite a few times a week! Regarding traffic exchanges…I don’t know, it seems be one of positioning, that has occurred from early on. They’ve always been promoted as an avenue, a tool for selling, and SPECIFICALLY for the internet marketing/make money online niche. Not necessarily for bloggers/content creators. You use a TE to directly “advertise” your bizops/programs, not to showcase your writing on various topics. Years ago, someone started a TE specifically for blogs…it didn’t last long. And I think it’s because that positioning has become so entrenched within the platform itself. Yes, it IS all about getting traffic to your site, no matter what that site is…but the diversity that has made StumbleUpon successful, has gotten lost (or never was there) in the traffic exchange community.

    1. Ellyn, I think Sweeva (or maybe EasyHits4U) is the only TE that is well-suited for blog posts. Blog posts can be reviews of affiliate products that you like and want to share with others. Or editorial or opinion pieces that, if people like your perspective, may get them to subscribe to your blog. Or they may comment on your blog posts, which helps build a community around your writing. The TEs with LONGER TIMERS are the ones best suited to blog posts, because while people wait they may begin to read — and find it interesting enough to continue reading after the countdown is finished.

      1. Fun fact about StumbleUpon, no timers. Cause of the framing they do for their UX. People actually WANT to be there, they arent exchanges their time for traffic.

    2. Thanks Ellyn, yeah there was a few…Blogazoo and BlogClicker were blog only TE’s from a few years back. But I think you are right, it’s all positioning and how we are looked at from a branding angle. This caters to opportunity seekers rather than the entire internet.

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