Why Does Adchiever Change Everything About Viral List Building?

I’m sure you got an e-mail (or two, or three) yesterday about Darren Olander’s brand new launch called AdChiever. Yeah, he had lots of JV favors called in from all the great work he has done in the past but more importantly (at least I hope so) the affiliates that promoted this yesterday saw the real potential and excitement this program can bring.

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You see, I compared this to Sweeva and called it the ‘list building version of it’ because of the achievements you can ‘unlock’ by simply using the system. This is very powerful. If you think about it, there is a whole ‘switch’ online for rewarding members and the cultures are being built in these programs to give people goals and to get them to shoot for them.

This changes the game I think in viral list building because we now have reasons other than just to email to use these programs. Unlocking different achievements simply by doing what we already do gets more people to stick around. And more people sticking around and being active means more eye balls looking at your site and WANTING to look.

It’s all about creating a community of people who actually WANT to use the system and it’s very exciting to see the first 24 hours of AdChiever’s launch. Over 3400 members have joined and I expect thousands upon thousands of more joining before the switch is flipped for mailing to being on November 8th.

Not yet a member? Check out Darren’s AdChiever now and get ready for what I think will be, the next big thing in viral list building.

Jon Olson

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8 thoughts to “Why Does Adchiever Change Everything About Viral List Building?”

  1. Sorry to say it, Jon, but I do hope AdChiever doesn’t turn out like Sweeva.

    I want to receive emails from serious marketers, not just spammers. I got back to free membership at Sweeva because of that.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Philippe Moisan

  2. Jon,

    I agree!

    Never have I been as excited about ANY list builder.

    When anyone can simply use the program, and gain more and more benefits by doing so…

    People are gonna stick around, use it more, read your emails, click on your banners, and…. well, OK, I’m excited! lol

    By the way, if you guys would click on my name above, and leave a comment on my latest blog post (about Adchiever)…

    I would appreciate it.


  3. Philippe – Sorry to hear that. We try very hard at Sweeva to provide the best experience for paid and free members. The results at Sweeva have been the biggest plus for us since it started. We are always looking to improve, please drop us a line if you have any suggestions.

  4. yes,it’s amazing what Darren do ,I’m member,I join every moment that I spend to Adchiever,thanks Darrenand thanks Jon for the possibbillity to write my opinion.Also you are great Jon in much programs that I love thanks for all

  5. Am I missing something here? we send ads to other people using adchiever which are using adchiever because they know someone will actually click on their ad and see it ….but are they not just clicking on it so they get their credit so they can keep posting their ads?… Doesn’t seem to me like its an audience that’s necessarily interested in really looking at your site and what you have to offer as much as getting their credit to keep posting their ad…again ..am i missing something. please respond because maybe I’m not seeing something right here.

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