Why We Wrote Social Surfing Secrets…Is It Just Another eBook?

Trust me, I know…I know how annoying it can be to get offer after offer to ‘rebrand’ the latest and greatest ebook offering. I’ll give you a brief history of how Social Surfing Secrets came about and what my vision is for it down the road…

First of all, I was sick of rebranded reports. I wrote Social Surfing Secrets almost half a year ago, right around the time we launched Sweeva. I had this sitting on my desktop for months because I asked myself daily, does this industry need yet another ebook.

A few weeks ago, my answer to that question was yes and I partnered with John Guanzon and worked on the project. Why did I think the traffic exchanges needed another rebrandable ebook? Simple, because I truly believe that the industry is going through a major change right now and I wanted to let as many people know as possible that they can be a part of it!

You see, social surfing has been around for years. Traffic Era, StartXchange, I Love Hits, Royal Surf, and quite a few other programs always had ‘chat’ in their surfing environment. However in the day and age of ‘digital word of mouth’, these surfing environments proved even more valuable.

Now more than ever, people are ‘buying’ products and services from people they like and know. You cannot sit back and click a thousand times and expect people to join your offer. You need to ‘get to know other surfers’ and this is where Social Surfing Secrets comes into play.

We’re going to be holding a seminar Thursday evening at 7pm Eastern. This will be exclusive for rebranded members of Social Surfing Secrets and we are really going to be taking the roof off the entire topic of social surfing. This will be one of the most in depth seminars I have ever held and we want to see you there…

Have you read Social Surfing Secrets? What are your thoughts on the social surfing movement? Let’s hear what you have to say, I love the comments that H.E.N. readers give and thank you so much for your time and support!

Jon Olson

I'm Jon Olson, I've been publishing Hit Exchange News since 2003 and been involved in the traffic exchange industry since...Well, the beginning :) I'd love to network with you as you browse the pulse of the traffic exchange industry! I am also a HUGE fan of reading your comments. I will respond to every single one! Poke around and enjoy the 'News! And thanks for hanging out...

16 thoughts to “Why We Wrote Social Surfing Secrets…Is It Just Another eBook?”

  1. Awesome! When opportunity with Jon came up, I jumped on it. And many already know where I stand on the topic of social media and traffic exchanges. It’s just to important of a topic NOT to educate others about. Big changes have happened and are continuing to happen. I am super excited to simply be a part of it all and I know others are too!

  2. It is true that people only deal with people they know and trust. Sure a flash salespage full of hype can make you some fast money, but once you get a bad reputation it will spread round the web faster than a dose of the clap.

    I read the report and it made a lot of sense, get to know people with similar interests and good things will happen. If you just start following people and hit them with autoresponses full of adverts you will fail and people will hate you for it.

    Here’s to more social networking

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah Andrew, I’m all for this movement. I hope everyone can see the huge potential for this new way of doing things online. Again, like I mentioned in the videos, it’s not a fad because there are people in this business, doing this now, that are seeing great results.

  4. I’ve read it, I’ve rebranded it and I’ll be at the seminar if I can figure out what time 7.00pm Eastern is on the other side of the world.
    I’ll be honest when Thumbvu was released I didn’t really get it – partially because my head was full of SEO gobbleydook and partially because I missed the initial launch – I was on holidays – and by the time I got back to business ThumbVu was one of many things I had to look at.

    I should have paid closer attention.

    Then Sweeva came along and it was like a breath of fresh air – it was great – but I didn’t grab it and run with it like John Bell did – my mistake (head still full of SEO double Gobbleydook)

    I’d used StartXchange consistently & regularly and built good relationships but for reasons that I have no idea about or why I just stopped visiting regularly and my advertising results at StartXchange dropped off.

    I blamed penny surfers and then the economy and then decided that TE’s were on the way out but over the past couple of months I’ve been gradually re-building my social presence at all of the above places and I’m pleased to say that while I’ll never be as recognizable as Jon, people do respond to consistent clear communication and they are much more likely to opt in

    TE’s are social

    Buying credits and going away on a holiday doesn’t work- clicking all day with a username of surfboy85 doesn’t cut the mustard.

    I’m excited I’m back clicking and socializing and I’m enjoying it- Twitter responses are up – Facebook is active, subscriber rates are up and its because I’m involved again.

    The book’s release was timely and if somebody hasn’t got it – get it now

  5. I must admit, Jon & John… I thought there would have been some real moving and shaking, in response to your new e-book!

    Alas, in reaction to trends and advances that fly in the face of the status quo… many marketers stick their heads in the sand.

    You have probably nudged a few folks beyond their comfort zones, with these notions.

    Not to worry though, as we steady ourselves in this pounding social surf, all will learn to paddle and play again… lol


  6. Mark – That was great man, thank you so much for that post. When people tell me ‘social stuff doesn’t work’, I’m sending them to your post.

    Carl – Man, it’s going to be a battle. Check out the first comment on Tim’s blog and you’ll see what the mentality still is about social marketing.

    This is about building relationships. Plain and simple. Everything else will fall into place.

  7. I haven’t read this e-book yet but I can tell you that Sweeva.com have done wonders for Team Riptide Army and other similar team.

    I think you guys are on the right track !


  8. I’m a tiny bubble in a hugh bucket of water. And I’m a rebranded member of the new eBook. I don’t usually rebrand, due to budget issues unless it is something new and very different. I downloaded and read this one and it is awesome. I see the TE world and social networks being impacted by the launching. Although I’m advertising now, I’m going to hold onto it and readvertise in about four months. I’m learning about the impact of widgets and branding. This eBook will develop a personal relationship with many customers. Thank you Jon and John.

  9. Carl’s right … this does require a fairly fundamental change in thinking and accompanying changes to routines that many of us have established over a period of years.

    But Jon’s point is absolutely right: Marketing anything today, be it a product, a service, heck — a political candidate, is about putting yourself out there, reaching out to your potential customers with a personal touch. Today’s audience isn’t that passive one that reads and reacts the way many of us in my age demographic recall.

    Today’s audience is fully engaged. It knows what it wants and it wants it now. And that audience is going to get it from the sources it knows, not from some random guy with a website.

    Great stuff, Jon and John.

  10. Thanks Paul, thanks Phil.

    Yea Phil, it’s a huge change in thinking. I think people are coming around to it, but far too many times we hear the argument of ‘what’s the ROI of being social’

    It’s the old school way of thinking and it will change, but it’s going to take time.

  11. All I have to say is that it’s about time this industry caught up with the times, lol. Social networking is nothing new but it is now finally being grasped by our industry, it had to or it wouldn’t be able to compete.

    I’ts interesting how things come full circle. Back in the day that’s all there was. The store and restaurant owners wandering up and down the aisles ENGAGING and being social with the customers. Hey How are you doing? You having a good day? What a cute baby you’ve got there!

    It wasn’t really until traditional media was more available that those sort of things went to the wayside in trade of over analyzed media tactics that were selling you on products instead of selling you on the store or the people.

    Now here we are, with help from the internet going back to walking up and down our virtual aisles saying Hello, How are you doing today? to the people “browsing our store”

    It worked then and it works today. There is definitely a place for mass media advertising in that it has a large scope and reach and can pull people to your sphere, but engaging and being there and being social will keep them their, being able to get a good viral campaign going via facebook or twitter don’t hurt either 😀

    The ability to connect with your customers is something every successful company has strived to do since the days of megacorps and CEOs and social media is really giving people an outlet to bring that connection and that engagement back to the realm of their company.

  12. Hey there, just catching up… I kinda got stuck in Knoxville about a day and a half later than planned tho was able to prepare for the launch last week thank goodness!

    Once I read Social Surfing Secrets I was even more excited about it than I was from what I’d heard before… it’s terrific and I think will especially help the many people who aren’t very experienced with Twitter and other social media and get confused. Great work Jon & John!

    I’m excited too about the Thursday seminar and will be there but wondered if you guys might want to schedule a second one with the same stuff next week? Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and I’m thinking a lot of people will be out of town/etc and unable to attend that might like to 🙁

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