You Can Drive Your Car With Your Feet…

Chris Rock is one of my favorite comedians of all time. He has a bit in one of his routines where he talks about making bad decisions…And I quote “You can drive your car with your feet, doesn’t make it a good idea…”

So you could do things this way or that way, doesn’t always mean it’s the best choice. Take for example the consistent arguments that comes from a small section of the industry where they debate the validity of personal branding.

Sure you could be a faceless name in the business. Sure big corporations don’t have personal brands. Sure you need to stick out a little and get out of your comfort zone.

Gasp! Shock! Oh no….

Here’s my opinion on it…

1 – People do business with those they know, like and trust. So why not get people to KNOW you. Adding your real name works. Adding a picture to your ads works even better. It doesn’t cost any money, so why not?

2 – Big corporations and what we do in this business is like comparing apples and oranges. We work from home. Or are small business operators. Unless you have a million dollar ad budget, use what you have. And personal brands are what you have every day, all the time. And for the record, big corporations use personal brands too…They just use the ‘brand’ of their company, not the individual. Look at any new marketing strategy and you’ll see big companies trying to ‘humanize’ their customer experience.

3 – Sticking out like a sore thumb works. It’s memorable and yes…It takes a little bit of guts and courage. The people that do separate themselves from the pack ALWAYS see results.

So yeah, you could be nameless. Sure you could argue the merits of big business vs. small business. I bet you can find arguments that it’s scary to be unique.

But then again, 99% of the people will take that route…Be different. Be unique. Be YOU!

P.S. Rumor has it….TimTech is up to something…New…

Jon Olson

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28 thoughts to “You Can Drive Your Car With Your Feet…”

  1. Yes sir. I’m a big fan of personal branding. I find that it is like a snowball rolling downhill. The more people see of me and trust me, the more business I do, and the more they see me…it just keeps rolling and growing.

  2. Yup Yup, for sure personal branding is a must.

    This and similar areas have been coming up a lot lately. Wrote a blog post with some information on this not too long ago although I think some misunderstood and thought I was against personal branding, however, that is not the case.

    There is really no reason for anyone to hide, at least a first name and picture. Site owners more is required. I am always reluctant to join a site if I do not know who owns it.

    1. Yeah exactly, I understand if people don’t wanna jump right into it and do videos etc…But at least start with your name. Then get into adding your pic…Then you’ll see how the world opens up for ya ‘

  3. Took me a while to get this but not because I couldn’t understand but because it was SCARY for me to just be myself and don’t be worried about it.

    English wasn’t my first language, I was living at my parent’s house at 35, I already was sick of being an employee and now I wanted to become an online entrepreneur and was living strictly on my savings… I had a lot of things (at least in my head) against me.

    Now I’m very happy and thrilled to have met the TimTech guys, I wouldn’t be where I am right now without your help and I seriously MEAN IT.

    Sticking out and implementing a lot of personal branding has been the #1 strategy that led into actually making money and separating myself from the unsuccessful marketers.

    I’m glad I can shoot videos and be on camera almost effortlessly now since that keeps giving me that “unfair” advantage as well.

    I’m rooting for the upcoming RR launch Jon! πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks man, I remember when you jumped on cam for the first time. It was epic and dude you haven’t looked back since. A HUGE testament to taking action and stepping out of your comfort zone.

  4. Yes 100% personal branding. Take the baby steps first but then you need to examine and reexamine what you are putting out and to ask yourself if it really reflects your brand. To really get personal branding I think you need to understand yourself and what best suits who you are. Doing crazy things on video gets attention but is it you? It’s important to stretch and keep on fighting to get beyond your comfort zone.

    In these days of Facebook and YouTube…I really don’t get what the problem is with getting out a little profile picture of yourself and getting your name on it.

    Once you’ve master that and become adept at it…then there’s video, and then there’s spreecast…and then there’s standing up in front of thousands and bringing your audience to their feet.


    1. Yeah in this day and age, people are so worried about privacy and all…But here’s the thing, Facebook, Google…All that stuff, already knows who you ‘are’….Adding a pic isn’t going to matter. I guess it’s a comfort thing, who knows. False sense of security.

  5. Funnily enough I just made a post about branding also.
    All too recently I’ve seen too many people who seem to skip this step, or come up with something like “I make $1000’s per day already, I don’t need a brand…” or some such nonsense.
    Well, anonymous buddy, I’m sure you could make more, if I knew exactly who you were and what exactly it is you’re about lol
    Oh well, Next…


  6. First of all glad your feeling better. Why wouldn’t anyone want to personally brand themselves only thing I can think of is maybe they have something to hide. Better yet maybe they don’t really believe in what there promoting. who knows. As for me putting my name and pic on my pages as helped me a great deal. I remember how scared I was before my first video. Now I look forward to making them

    1. Putting yourself ‘out there’ is so scary to some folks…But doing business with people you know like and trust, is paramount I think.

  7. Hi Jon,

    I remember more than a year ago, people were telling me they saw my photo all over lots of advertising sites, BUT some of them didn’t start using their photo/name then…and now they are just starting to! WHY do people wait when they know it works?

  8. I would much rather be me than anything else, and if all people know about me is words then they don’t know me, I am not words I am me warts and all.
    I just think that if people are afraid to put their face to something then they themselves do not truly believe in the products they promote.

    Nice Post Jon

  9. Don’t let the buggers grind you down.

    The thing about branding yourself is that it means you will generally have to take some sort of action and learn new things.

    What this means is that you get to choose how to go about promoting something, and when you don’t get results you can’t go moaning to people that programme X is crap and their pages don’t convert.

    The current badge hunt is a great example as some people have shone and caught my attention, whilst others have done nothing, and others have shown themselves to be a bit daft in what they expect people to do for a badge.

    The key thing to remember here is that the target audience is small business owners or people who want to earn some extra cash. You don’t need a corporate advertising budget, a bit of passion and time getting to know people will work.


    1. “The key thing to remember here is that the target audience is small business owners or people who want to earn some extra cash. You don’t need a corporate advertising budget, a bit of passion and time getting to know people will work.” – Quote of the day, thanks man!!!

  10. hmmm people see your face! What… how could you do this?? I say this just a little differently… If there were 2 places to do business. One of those people was a total stranger… while the other location was someone you knew and that talked to you. Who would you choose? In fact Gloria & I were just talking about this very subject today in the car. One of our daughters works in a small city government office. She was commenting how someone was just hired because the knew someone already in the office. This is not anything new… it has been this way for years. Cabinets in government are filled by friends, colleagues, etc. My question is this… Why would you not let people know who you are if you want them to buy from you?

    Thank you,

  11. You are right . If i get a email with out some one profile i deleate it because i feel they have something to hide . We already suspect them any way .

  12. There is nothing ‘new’ just an improvement on what there already is… and for me ‘personal branding’ is a vast improvement on what has gone on before.

    Because of some instances stated in the above comments, people are more discerning over ‘who’ they buy from, ‘who’ they listen to, ‘who’ they choose to follow. I and others have no need to know ‘you’ intimately, just know that from somewhere there is a ‘trust’ formed by being ‘socially’ around each other and how the initial approach is made in its first instance. There then lies an unwritten ‘truth’ if the trust is broken then there comes huge barriers to progress but nurture it, treat people as people holding yourself accountable and acting responsibly then who knows where it will lead who you may be introduced to what other relationships will develop? The possibilities can become limitless…

    To me ‘Personal Branding’ is as a train in motion and it will not stop it has a destination yet undiscovered yet unseen and those on board will reap from its benefits as it rolls on into the future…those who don’t understand this will remain on the platform of stagnation and who then will they complain to and argue with? Just themselves! Because there will only be those who now argue against it who will be left back there in the static past!

  13. Hey, Jon:

    Happy Canadia Day! Hope you are out and about, enjoying your civic pride and patriotism. May Peace reign!

    Personal branding is a concept many find difficult. You are correct, I believe. I also appreciate your attention to the comments in your blog. That’s about as personal as the branding gets! Keep it up!

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